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$58.90 $54.90/mth for 15 Mbps2
Typical evening speeds1: 15 Mbps download, 4 Mbps upload.
Offer ends 27 Aug 2024
  • Stream HD video
$68.90 $59.90/mth for 25 Mbps
Typical evening speeds1: 25 Mbps download, 4 Mbps upload.
Offer ends 27 Aug 2024
  • Stream HD video
$83.90 $64.90/mth for 50 Mbps
Typical evening speeds1: 50 Mbps download, 17 Mbps upload.
Offer ends 27 Aug 2024
  • Stream 4K video. Work from home.
$88.90 $69.90/mth for 100 Mbps
Typical evening speeds1:100 Mbps download, 17 Mbps upload.
Offer ends 27 Aug 2024
  • Stream 4K video or multiple HD streams. Multiple people working from home.
$98.90 $84.90/mth for 245 Mbps
Typical evening speeds1: 245 Mbps download^, 21 Mbps upload.

Offer ends 27 Aug 2024
  • Stream 8K or multiple 4K streams or work from home in larger households.

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We don’t charge any fees for a standard connection. However, there may be a connection fee for first-time connection in newer residential areas and if your connection requires installation of additional nbn® equipment. We will let you know if either of these charges apply to you and include them on your bill.

Yes, you can use your own modem or router if they are compatible. You may need a nbn® connection box, (plus a nbn® outdoor antenna for Fixed Wireless services).

Dodo does not offer Home Phone services for new customers. If you currently have a Home Phone, unfortunately it will not work with our internet plans.

The time it takes to activate your internet connection can vary and is dependent on several factors, such as your address and connection type. If you’re transferring from another provider and already have a modem, your activation time could be as quick as 1 hour. On average though, it can take anywhere from 24 hours to a couple of weeks. If you have recently signed up, it is best to contact us on 13 36 36 for a more accurate estimate of activation time.

As our plans are month-to-month contracts, there will be no early cancellation fees. If you choose to cancel your service before the end of the first month, we will not refund any pre-paid fees.

Unfortunately, not all speeds are available at all addresses.

Availability of high-speed internet may be limited in some areas due to the lack of infrastructure, such as modern fibre optic cables. Older buildings or areas with limited access to infrastructure may not be able to support high-speed internet.

If we are unable to connect your requested plan, we will attempt to contact you to discuss further options first or, if we cannot contact you after making reasonable attempts, we will cancel your order.

During peak times (between 7pm – 11pm) you may experience variations in your speed. This is because more people are connecting to the internet in your area leaving less capacity available for everyone. If you’d like to know what your average speed is during peak times, please check your speed tier in the speed descriptions.

There are many factors that can affect your speed.

The most common ones are:

  • in-home wiring,
  • where your modem is located,
  • network capacity and network traffic
  • the nbn® technology type at your home,
  • electrical and Wi-Fi interference from other devices, and
  • distance from the nbn® node or Fixed Wireless tower.

If you would like help to improve your nbn performance, drop us a support request via My Dodo.

To find out what connection type you have, simply select one of the nbn® plans above and enter your address. You can see your connection type below your address on the following page.

To conserve our pool of IPv4 addresses which are rapidly depleting, from April 2023 Dodo internet services will use Carrier-Grade NAT (CG NAT). CG NAT is a method used to share public IP addresses with multiple customers. The only difference is that you will have a different IPv4 address assigned to your modem. Most customers won’t be affected and will not notice any change to their services, however there is a chance that some servers like web servers and email serves, home utilities that require a direct internet connection or remote access devices, may not work with CG NAT. If you have any questions please contact our customer support team or visit Dodo Support for further information.

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Great Deals and Customer Service

Dodo has been great so far and that's why I'm still with them! It's all about great deals and customer service for me!

Nawal, NSW

"Never had any problems"

I appreciate Dodo as I've never had any problems over many years. Always so helpful and at a good price.

Nola, NSW

"Always there to help you"

I've always found Dodo to be excellent. The staff on the other end are always there to help you. 

Joan, VIC

Modem options

  • Fast Wi-Fi - dual band Wi-Fi to connect your devices
  • Fuss free plug and play - just plug in the modem we send you and we’ll do the rest
  • Remote Testing & Support - we’re here to help when you need it
  • Get online quickly - use your existing nbn compatible modem to connect
  • Self set-up - we will email you the login details for you to configure your modem
  • Limited tech support online - set up guidelines available for most popular modems

1Offer ends 27 Aug 2024. Dodo modem price is normally $99 upfront.

2Recommended for you if you have a nbn compatible modem and you are confident in configuring your own device. If you are unsure, we recommend selecting the dodo modem.