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  • 101GB

    Total min cost $720
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    Extra data $2/GB

    Our new 101GB data 12 month plan

    • $0 set-up & modem fees
    • Landline with pay as you go calls
    • nbn25 speed


    20.1Mbps average sampled evening speed*

    Key Facts Sheet: nbnTM services

    • 2-4 people at the same time
    • Emails & surfing the web
    • Social media
    • Music streaming
    • Online gaming
  • Unlimited data

    Was $75/mth
    Total min cost $840
    Unlimited data

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    40.2Mbps average sampled evening speed*

    Key Facts Sheet: nbnTM services

    • 4-6 people at the same time
    • Emails & surfing the web
    • Social media
    • Music streaming
    • Online gaming
    • HD video streaming
    Add Fetch Tv from $15/mth
    Available on 24 month plans

Everything you need to know about nbn™

nbn™ is Australia's broadband network, rolling out across 11.5 million homes nationwide.

nbn™ ltd. is the team behind the nbn™ network rollout. They are responsible for providing wholesale services to phone companies and internet service providers (THAT’S US) who offer nbn™ plans for homes and businesses (THAT’S YOU) 

The nbn™ network is an upgrade to Australia’s existing phone and internet infrastructure and will affect the vast majority of people across Australia as it impacts your landline phone and internet services. 
As a wholesaler, nbn co ltd. does not sell direct to the public. That means, to move your services over to the nbn™ network (both home and business services), you will need to speak to US (DODO) and choose a new plan that suits your needs - We’ve got you covered  

Check out this cool video from nbn™ 


Our nbn™ plans cost a little bit more, but you’re more likely to get a bit more bang for your buck.

Retail Service Providers or RSPs, like Dodo, connect you to the internet through the nbn™ network.

The nbn™ network uses a range of broadband technologies including new fibre-optic cable, existing copper lines, fixed wireless and satellite to deliver access to fast and reliable internet to all Australian homes and businesses. Find our more about nbn technologies here, nbn™

We work hard to get you connected as soon as possible our current average across all nbn™ technologies is 11 days.

nbn™ comes different speed options or ‘tiers.’ 

Our nbn™ speed tiers are:

  • nbn25 with 20.1Mbps average sampled evening speed*
  • nbn50 with 40.2Mbps average sampled evening speed*

Want to find out when your area will be nbn™ ready?, Click here: nbn™ Rollout Map.

Yes, you can. When you pre-order, we’ll pop you at the front of our list so that you can switch over to nbn™ quicker.

Once the nbn™ is ready to go in your neighbourhood, you’ll get about 18 months to switch over. After this, the old copper network will be switched off and your phone & internet will stop working. If you’re with us, we’ll give you plenty of warning before this happens. 

In most cases, yes! Just let us know that you’d like to keep your number when you switch. 

It does. Before nbn™ can be installed at your place, you’ll need to get permission from your landlord or property manager.

Data Usage estimates

The following details the estimate monthly activity per internet usage*

Data Allowance Video Streaming Video Downloading Email Web Browsing
101GB 112h 5 per month 700

200 pages per day

(5600 per month)

Unlimited N/A N/A N/A N/A


What does all this technology mean?

Everything you need to know about connecting to nbn™, all in one place.

The broadband operates on fiber, fixed wireless, and satellite technologies. The choice of technology depends on existing network infrastructure and the most suitable option to access the network for each individual home. Read on for a breakdown of the technologies.

Fibre-to-the-Node is the most common type of nbn™ internet connection. Fibre optic cables roll out to a common node in the area, like a nbn™ street cabinet. From the node, existing copper infrastructure finishes the connection to each individual home. This means nothing changes inside your home so in most cases you won’t need an appointment. 

Fixed Wireless connects regional areas to faster broadband, without the use of cables. In these instances, fibre is rolled out to nbn™ towers to transmit data wirelessly using 4G LTE technology. Homes using fixed wireless technology have an antenna fitted to the roof, by an approved nbn™ technician, to receive data. We’ll make an installation appointment for you when you sign up with Dodo. 

Fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) connections operate on new fibre optic cables connecting homes directly to the nbn™. The connection extends into the home by a device installed by an approved nbn™ technician. We’ll take care of setting up your installation appointment for you.

Fibre-to-the-Building (FTTB) connects multi-dwelling homes like apartment blocks. nbn™ fibre rolls out to a common point, usually inside a building’s communications room or basement, using internal copper wiring to finish the connection to each apartment. Nothing changes inside the home so in most cases you won’t need a nbn™ technician appointment. 

Fibre-to-the-curb technology leads to a distribution point in a pit or on a pole near a curb (Kerb in Aussie) on your street. Copper cabling connects to a wall socket inside your house or passes through an apartment building’s main distribution frame, typically in the basement or a communications room. In most cases you won’t need an appointment. You might need a new modem and a nbn™ connection device supplied by us. 

Hybrid Fibre Coaxial technology rolls out fibre to a common node in the neighbourhood. From the node, coaxial cable installed by a nbn™ technician, completes the connection to the home. If you have a Foxtel service connected you might not need an installation inside the home so in most cases you won’t need an appointment, but we’ll let you know.

How to Connect

Want to be prepared for the arrival of nbn™ to your area? We can help you get set up and connected.
nbn™ delivers the network to your area and installs their equipment at your place, the rest is done by us. But did you know you could be nbn™ ready before it gets to your door?

Our ADSL plans come with an nbn™ ready modem, so once you’re with us, there is no need for new equipment when nbn™ arrives. We take care of it for you! Simply plug in your existing modem with existing settings to the nbn™ equipment and boom! You’re on the nbn™. How simple is that?

We book any appointments for you, we make sure you have everything you need on the day & also follow up if anything falls over. So how easy is it to connect to the nbn™. Very!

If you are nbn™ ready, sign up and let us do the rest. 

check nbn availability
Plan suitability confirmed once active. *Based on the ACCC Measuring Broadband Australia Report (August 2019) measured across the ACCC’s sampled connections between 7pm-11pm in May 2019. Your actual speeds may be different due to various factors. FTTN/FTTB/FTTC/Fixed Wireless speeds to be confirmed once active. Fixed wireless speeds may be slower. See About nbn™ Speeds for more info. Modem provided with active service. Extra data $2/GB on 101GB plan.

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