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We’ll chip in $10/mth

Towards your internet when you add electricity & gas*

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How it works



Fast nbn™ plans from $60/mth

Min cost $720 over 12 months.
Selected areas only.


Dodo Energy

Electricity & gas with pay on time discounts.



Save $5 every month for each active electricity and gas service at your address - that's up to $120 a year!


Frequently asked questions

Your discount will be applied automatically to your internet bill, starting from your next bill cycle. You won’t need to do anything. 

You’ll get your internet and energy bills separately. You’ll also need to pay them separately. You can see and both bills in your My Dodo account.

If you cancel one of your services, either internet or energy, you’ll stop getting the bundle discount.

Your bundle discount won’t affect any of your other Dodo discounts.