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NBN Speed Tiers

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nbn™ Speed Tiers Explained

While the NBN Co offers a number of different speed tiers for home broadband access, the speeds available to you will depend on the type of nbn technology you are connecting through.

The different speeds offered are not only meant to suit different budgets, but also different needs, with many households having no reason to select the fastest speed available. The best way to decide what speed is best for you is to first establish what technology has been installed at your address, so you know exactly what nbn speeds are available to you. 

And only then should you start to explore what types of usage each speed tier is perfect for, knowing that you can easily upgrade to a higher speed if necessary.

nbn Connection Technology

Living in a rural or remote region aren’t the only factors that influence the technology used to connect your home to the nbn. The type of building you live in, along with existing telecoms infrastructure also play a part, though the NBN Co does provide an option for some property owners to pay to change the connection technology used at their address.

Connection Technology Type Theoretical Maximum Download Speed
Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) 1 Gbps 1
Fibre to the Node (FTTN) 100 Mbps 2
Fibre to the Curb (FTTC) 500 Mbps 1
Fibre to the Building (FTTB) 100 Mbps 2
Hybrid Fibre-Coaxial (HFC) 1 Gbps 1
Fixed Wireless 75 Mbps 3
Sky Muster™ Satellite Service 25 Mbps

1 This is the theoretical maximum download speed supported by this connection type, though only a top speed of 100 Mbps is currently offered.
2 Top theoretical maximum download speed available through Dodo for FTTN and FTTB connection types is 50 Mbps.
3 Actual speed on Fixed Wireless is highly variable and influenced by a number of factors.

Current nbn Speed Tiers

There are currently four speed tiers available for fixed line nbn connections and two speed tiers for wireless or satellite connections:

Basic (nbn12) 4 Standard (nbn25) 4 5 Standard Plus (nbn50) 5 Premium (nbn100)
Suitable for:
Individual user for basic internet use such as email, social media, and regular web browsing.
Suitable for:
Small household for basic internet use such as email, social media, regular web browsing on up to four devices at the same time, but limited gaming and music and video streaming.
Suitable for:
Typical family household for broad internet use such as email, social media, browsing, and simultaneous video and music streaming in both SD and HD on up to six devices. Also allows faster downloading of files and better online gaming.
Suitable for:
Larger households and heavy internet use such as extensive online gaming, frequent downloading and uploading of large files, and video and music streaming throughout the day. Up to nine people carrying out online activities at the same time.
Streaming video:
Only a single video stream in high definition (HD), with no other online activity at the same time.
Streaming video:
Might support standard definition (SD) video streaming on three or four devices at the same time, but Full HD only on two devices simultaneously if there is no other online activity.
Streaming video:
Video streaming in UHD/4K on a single large screen, with other smaller screens still capable of streaming in SD at the same time. Alternatively, two large screens streaming in Full HD at the same time.
Streaming video:
Video streaming in UHD/4K on two large screens, with other smaller screens still capable of streaming in SD at the same time. Alternatively, multiple screens streaming in Full HD at the same time.
Typical evening speed of 10 Mbps Typical evening speed of 25Mbps Typical evening speed of 50Mbps Typical evening speed of 92Mbps
Dodo does not offer this speed tier on any nbn connection type   Top speed tier currently available for Fixed Wireless Available on FTTP, FTTC and HFC only in certain areas.

4 Only speed tiers available on Sky Muster™ Satellite connections.
5 Only speed tiers available for Fixed Wireless connections.

Typical evening speed (7pm-11pm). Speed may vary due to various factors and confirmed once connected. Fixed Wireless speeds are slower than fixed connections. See About nbn™ Speeds for more info.

It is important to note that there is no guarantee of you being able to attain the theoretical maximum speed of your selected speed tier. A number of factors can influence actual speeds, including:

  • Your home's distance from the nbn node or Fixed Wireless tower.
  • Where your modem is located.
  • Interference from other electrical and wireless devices.
  • Network capacity and traffic.
  • The wiring in your home.
  • The time of day. Evenings between 7pm and 11pm are peak periods when you can expect high congestion and slower speeds.

Dodo is only able to confirm your maximum attainable speed once your installation and connection are completed. We check to see if your service is able to support your chosen speed tier, and if it can't you can either select a lower speed tier or cancel your service.

Check what technology is used to connect your home to the nbn, then select the Dodo plan with the speed that matches your household size or need.