Information about the Service

This is an Internet Protocol (IP) service, that is, a streamed content service that utilises your dodo broadband connection.  

Information about pricing - Plan details

Minimum Monthly Charges
Fetch Box   Channel Pack Included   Fetch with Ultimate Pack  
Fetch Mighty   $35  $50
Fetch Mini   $25  $40
Minium term applicable 12 months
Maximum charge payable for termination $96 ($8/month x number of months remaining)
Fetch with 1 Channel Pack
Total Minimum Cost 1 2 Mighty $449.90
Mini   $329.90
Fetch Ultimate Pack
Total Minimum Cost 1 Mighty   $629.90
Mini   $509.90

1Minimum Total cost is calculated as (Min. Monthly Fee * Contract Term) +  P&H
2Min. Cost does not include any eligible add ons, promotions or discount offers

Information about pricing – Plan Details 

Equipment Required  

You will require a Fetch set-top box, cabling (HDMI or Composite Cable), a compatible TV that can receive free to-air television channels and an internet connection.

Bundling Requirements  

This service needs to be bundled with a Dodo broadband (DSL or NBN) connection. If you cancel or transfer either service in the bundle, Dodo may suspend or terminate both services and you may be liable for early termination fees. Please refer for more information regarding pricing of Dodo broadband service.

Fetch Channel Pack 

Fetch comes with one included channel pack, unless a customer is purchasing their Fetch with Ultimate Pack. Customers can purchase additional channel packs on a month to month basis available via their Fetch Set top box. Charges for additional channel packs are $6 for  each individual channel pack or $20 for all 4 standard channel packs (Kids, Variety, Vibe and Knowledge packs). Additional a la carte channels are available for purchase. See website at for further details


Fetch Hardware must be returned if your service is cancelled. A non-return fee ($280) applies 30 days after cancellation if hardware is not returned. See website for current charges. Postage & Handling fees: if ordered with modem $29.90, if ordered separately $24.90. 

Service Availability  

The service is not available in all areas and is subject to you undertaking a service speed qualification. A minimum throughput speed of 3Mbps is required per set-top box. The ability to receive free-to-air TV is also required. 

Other Information 

Full Terms  

Information and pricing is correct at time of printing. All pricing is inclusive of GST. This information is a summary only. Visit for our Standard Form of Agreement which sets out the terms and conditions on which we provide our products & services to you.  

Usage Information


How to pay for your service  

You can pay your service by direct debit from either your credit card or your bank account and no additional fees apply. Monthly fees in advance and usage charges incurred during the month are debited 7 days after bill issue.  


Dodo provide your monthly statements electronically (no additional fees apply). You can also view your statements online by logging in to

Complaints and Disputes  

If you have a complaint or a dispute please visit where you will find full contact details for our complaints department, as well as a copy of our complaints and disputes resolution processes. You may also lodge a complaint at or by sending an email to [email protected].  

Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman  

If you are not satisfied with how your complaint has been handled by Dodo, you may contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman via 1800 062 058. Full contact details are available at  


Dodo TV by Fetch (PDF)