Gas Connections for Sydney

Get a great deal on your home energy plans

Get your Gas connected with a great Sydney provider 

Dodo provides reliable gas services for households across Sydney. If you are moving home or suppliers Dodo can help you get connected!

Select a plan based on your energy usage and number of household members. 
Combine with electricity and internet and we’ll chip in on your internet bill! $10 off your monthly internet plan if you bundle with your gas & electricity plan. 
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Why choose Dodo?

  • No lock in contracts: We don’t lock you into a 12-month contract. With Dodo you can have a month-to-month plan. Opt in or out whenever you like!
  • Flexible payments: We can tailor payment options to suit your needs. Organise a direct debit or reach out to our team online
  • My Dodo: Manage your and payments easily using My Dodo, your personalised online account with all your details. 

How to get your gas connected

  1. Explore available options. It’s always a good idea to weigh up your options before choosing a provider. See what options are available for your household. 
  2. Contact Dodo. Once you’ve decided on your provider, reach out to Dodo on 13 Dodo and we can set up your account. We will get in touch with all the necessary contacts for you. 
  3. Give us your address. Provide us with your address so we can take a look at your available options. 
  4. Bundle your gas with electricity and NBN. To save money every year bundle your gas, electricity and NBN plans with Dodo. 
  5. Move in! Now you’ve got your connection set up it’s time to move in! Manage all your accounts, including your payments using My Dodo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our frequently asked questions. 

If you are with Dodo, just call the team and let them know you want to add gas to your account. Or, you can switch to Dodo through our website or call 13 dodo (13 36 36) to organise a new connection. 

You can call 13 dodo (13 36 36) to pay for your bill or pay manually using your personal BPay code, or credit card. Alternatively, a direct debit will let you automatically pay your bills. 
We are happy for you to choose a payment option that suits your needs or visit

We have a number of energy saving tips so you can lower you gas bill, have a look for yourself!

Yes! Bundle your gas, electricity and nbn plans to save money every year. 

If you have another gas provider and would like to switch, we can help you switch over. It can take up to 3 business days. Call 13 dodo (13 36 36) for assistance. 

It will take up to 3 business days to move your connection, or we’ll switch you over after your next scheduled meter read. Fast tracking is available with a surcharge if you require urgent connection. 

Rebates or concessions are based on your state, you can check out our concession news for any updates.

We want to make sure you are on the best plan for your household. If you are unsure about your plan, reach out to us on 13 dodo (13 36 36) and we can discuss your options.

If you are moving house and need to connect to gas we can easily help you switch your plan over to your new address, but the plan may be different depending on where you move to. We need 3 business days notice to set up your transfer which will happen on the date you nominate, with fees based on distribution zone.

Call us on 13 dodo (13 36 36) and tell us your new address. We will organise your connection from there. 

If you are an existing Dodo customer you can use the My Dodo portal to track your gas usage, due bills and updates or changes to your plan. 

We advise that you consider a few things when choosing an energy provider:

  • Rates/Traffic/Prices: Energy prices are calculated using supply charges, GST, distribution charges and regulated marketing charges. We suggest that you compare the market before committing to one energy provider. 
  • Service: Search the available services, whether you can bundle your plans and whether you are able to manage plans using an online platform. 
  • Payment plans: Flexible payment plans help you manage your finances better. Make sure you are checking what payment options are available before you choose. 

If you require emergency gas contacts click here

A good way to determine a suitable plan is to factor in the number of members in your household, the size of your property and usage expected for gas (if you are home a lot, cook etc.). You can give our customer service team a call if you are unsure. 

We aim to provide Sydney households with an exceptional customer experience with the gas and electricity. Bundling your gas, electricity and nbn plans will help you save money! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to visit our website or call us on 13 dodo (13 36 36). We look forward to hearing from you!