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Unlimited nbn® Plans for Home Broadband

A single hour of streaming Netflix in high definition can use 3GB of data, which means you can easily burn through 180GB of data in a single month, even if you only stream for two hours each day. With ever growing data use and faster speeds being offered by the nbn, unlimited data plans for home internet are being more widely used..  If you’re experiencing higher data usage at your place, you could have questions about unlimited nbn plans, which we’re more than happy to answer for you.

Why Shouldn't I Get Unlimited nbn?

Being candid about every home with an nbn connection not needing an unlimited data plan is not an unpopular opinion. Nor is it a marketing gimmick. The simple truth is that not all households need a high-speed internet connection with no data cap. An average evening speed of 20Mbps is more than sufficient for a single HD video stream, along with most standard internet usage for a single person or small family. It is only when four or more people want to be able to stream or play online games at the same time that a high-speed and unlimited data cap is truly needed.

If you’re only now able to switch to nbn, start by looking at your recent monthly usage on your ADSL connection. If you currently have a capped-data plan, have never exceeded your monthly data allowance, and expect your internet usage patterns to remain the same, you probably don’t need an unlimited nbn plan. And this could still apply even if you have never streamed video before but expect to start doing so with your new nbn connection. If after a month or two on a capped plan you find yourself needing more data, you can always upgrade to a higher plan with no data cap.

Why Should I Get Unlimited nbn?

Choosing one of Dodo’s unlimited plans for your nbn connection means never having to worry about getting an exorbitant bill at the end of the month for any extra data you’ve used above your monthly allocation. That’s because there is no data allocation or limit. As the name suggests, you get unlimited data with any of our unlimited plans. No data caps, no slowing down of your connection, and no unexpected bills at the end of the month. One fixed monthly fee and you’re able to stream and download as much as you want and play online games without worrying about killing the internet for the rest of the household.

Does Unlimited nbn Cost More?

Unlimited plans can cost more than data-capped plans, but they also come with faster speeds, so you’re not only able to download more, you also do so in less time. Our nbn25, nbn50 and nbn100 plans are all better  for homes where four or more people want to access the internet for browsing, streaming, or gaming all at the same time. And when more people use the internet at the same time, you not only need a faster speed to ensure nobody has a negative experience, you also need a higher data-cap. And there is no higher data-cap than unlimited. Don’t look at unlimited nbn as costing more, look at it as allowing you to do more.

Is Unlimited nbn Really Unlimited?

Yes. Unlike previous data plans that were advertised as uncapped but came with an unannounced cap that caused your speed to be throttled when it was reached, our unlimited broadband plans have no hidden cap, and no throttling. Ever.

Our Acceptable Use Policy does include reference to unreasonable “usage that affects other customers’ access to the network or enjoyment of their services”, but this is not linked to a limit on data use. The growing use of streaming services and online gaming means families use much more data than they did a decade ago, with our nbn plans adjusted to reflect and accommodate this.

How Is Unlimited nbn Different?

The biggest difference with Dodo’s unlimited nbn plans, over and above the obvious lack of a data cap of any size, is the faster download and upload speeds they include. This is because our unlimited broadband internet plans are designed for families and customers who want a superior experience when gaming or streaming. 

We understand that in family households your children might want to watch YouTube while also checking their social media platforms, while you need to download the latest update for your favourite game, and your partner catches up on their favourite Netflix drama. All at the same time. And our unlimited plans make this possible thanks to no data limit and better speeds so for four or more people can use the home Wi-Fi at the same time.

Start by checking what type of nbn connection you can get, before choosing the perfect nbn plan for your needs.