Look for the coloured sticker on your modem box to know which set-up guide fits your service. 

Is the sticker on your box green? Great – let’s start!


1. Connect me

a. Look for the coloured sticker on the box. Plug in the cables as per the set up instructions that match your sticker

b. Turn me on. I will take around 15 minutes to configure.

c. Think about all the things you need to google while you wait



2. 15 minutes later

My lights should be on!


3. Connect your device


Find the ‘SSID’ written on the back of me. This is your network name. 

To connect via Wi-Fi, select this network on your device. The ‘WLAN Key’ is your password. 



To connect me to a device, like a laptop or computer, plug the supplied ethernet cable into one of the yellow LAN ports on the back of me.



Huawei HG-659 Modem Setup Guide