Submit your own meter read

Dodo Power & Gas will sometimes use estimated reads to generate your invoice.   If you do not have a smart meter, you can submit your own read if you are not satisfied with the estimated read provided. Please note however, this will not address the reason for the estimated read.  If easy and safe access to your meter is not provided (at the next scheduled meter read), you will continue to receive estimated reads on your invoice. 

You can tell if your invoice is based on an Actual meter reading or Estimate in the Understand Your Bill section of your invoice. 

Meter access

All customers have an obligation to provide clear and safe access to their energy meters. Please ensure the meter is accessible to enable actual reads. Check your invoice Meter Access section for when your Next Scheduled read is due.

Submit your read

To submit a customer read estimate, you will need to 

  • Send an email to [email protected]
  • In the subject line include “Customer read estimate & your account number”
  • Include the following in the body of the email:

National Metering Identifier (NMI) for electricity, Delivery Point identifier (DPI) for gas in NSW or Meter Identification Reference Number (MIRN) for gas in all other states. This information can be found at the top right of your invoice.

A photo of your meter that has the date and time stamp clearly visible.  The photo should clearly show the meter serial number which is the unique link to your premises and account.

Once your customer read estimate has been submitted, we will re-issue your bill if required.

  Electricity meter Gas Meter
Stand-alone premises (Houses, town houses, units etc) Usually, electricity meters are found externally, fixed to a wall. If there is no meter on your external walls – it may be inside – close by the front door in the hall, in the laundry, or maybe even in your garage. Be mindful there could be creepy crawlies in the meter box! 

Most gas meters are located in the front garden facing the road. Check around your driveway and mailbox.
In NSW, if it’s not out the front, please check under your sink.

Apartments, multiple dwellings Often there is a common area that houses all meters. Ask your building manager, if unsure

Once you have found your meter, confirm the serial number matches the one on your invoice.

There are several types of meter that may be used to measure your energy usage.

Clock Display

Electricity Gas



Read each clock from left to right and record the numbers. Where the hand falls between two numbers, record the lower of the two numbers. If the hand sits between 9 and 0 record the 9. Some hands rotate clockwise, some counterclockwise, always alternately. In the gas meter example above, you can see arrows indicating the direction the hands move. 


Electricity Gas



Read and record the numbers from left to right (including any leading zeroes). If the counter is between numbers – record the lower of the two. If there is more than one set of numbers, record each line separately and submit both records. Decimals are not required.


Electricity Gas


Read the meter from left to right, including any leading zeroes.  Read your meter from left to right excluding any leading zeroes. Move the decimal place two spaces to the right. In the above example, the read is 1559.6, not 15.596