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How to prepare your house, life and mind for the New Year

How to prepare your house, life and mind for the New Year

You know that saying, “messy house, messy mind”? If you’re surrounded by clutter and chaos, it can be challenging to quiet the mind, find clarity, and focus on the things that really matter (like enjoying your summer!).

This might sound a little woo-woo, but as work/school/uni winds down and the summer break lies ahead, it’s a great time to get organised. Here are a few simple tips for getting your house – and mind – in order for 2022.

1. Clean!

Let’s start with the obvious one first. Wipe down surfaces, vacuum everything, clean your windows, scrub your bathroom, and get your house feeling spick and span. Feeling lazy? Sure, we understand. Try outsourcing your cleaning job to someone on AirTasker and reap the rewards of a tidy house without getting your hands dirty.

2. Declutter

Next, do a nice big declutter and get rid of everything you’re not using anymore. If things are in good-ish, working-ish order, Facebook Marketplace is a great spot to sell or donate your unwanted stuff, and you might make a few dollars along the way.

3. Organise your utilities

This one seems like a biggie, but will only take an hour or two of your time – and you’ll feel SO good afterwards! Go through all your utilities – gas, electricity, phone and internet – and see what you’re spending. Are you getting the best deal? Can you switch your gas and electricity to green power (you can with Dodo)? What about arranging for bills to be emailed rather than mailed? Then, set up direct debits so you don’t have to think about bills until next year.

4. Audit your apps

If you’re anything like us, you spent the majority of the pandemic downloading apps (here’s looking at you, Woodoku), using them once or twice (or 800 times a day), and then never thinking about them again. But they’re taking up valuable space on your phone. So if you’ve outgrown a game, found love through a dating app, or have no need for that astrology app anymore, get rid of ‘em. Then, organise your apps into folders and feel like the digital Marie Kondo that you are.

5. Sort your subscriptions

Subscriptions, particularly through things like workout, gaming and streaming apps, can cost a pretty penny – especially when you’re no longer using them. Check what you’re paying for and cancel anything you’re no longer using. Instead, consider signing up to an actual gym again, or head to the movies with your mates instead of bingeing bad Christmas movies at home.

6. Plan for a great 2022

Sorry, but we had to end on a little bit of extra woo-woo. Once you’ve cleaned your house, decluttered, and done some important life admin, put yourself in the picture. What do you want to get done in 2022? See more of, or do less of? Start writing a list of recipes you want to cook, friends you want to reconnect with, places you’d like to visit, movies you’d like to see… Start thinking about what you enjoy doing that help you live in the moment, and start the New Year feeling organised, positive and productive.

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