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6 sneaky tips to help save data on your mobile

6 sneaky tips to help save data on your mobile

1. Check your data usage

Do you know how much data you’re using on a daily, weekly or monthly basis? Check your data usage and find out exactly how much you’re using on downloads and uploads (both count towards your mobile data usage). If you’re using way more than your plans data allowance, consider cutting back by following the rest of our handy dandy tips.

2. Find the serious data users

If you find that your data usage is getting a bit high, find out which of your apps are soaking up the most data. It may be a case of reducing your usage on these apps to bring down your data usage. Most of the time it’s super easy, hit ‘settings’ and look up ‘mobile data’.

3. Restrict background data usage

Little did you know, most apps on your phone are sneakily using data in the background to do things like notifying you about new comments or deals in your area. Restrict background data by following these steps.

4. Make the most of home Wi-Fi

Is your Wi-Fi automatically turning on when you’re in range? Are you saving your heavy data activity for when you’re connected to Wi-Fi? Things like downloading apps, watching long videos or even uploading your latest holiday snaps to Instagram use a bit of data. Hold off until you’re connected to your home Wi-Fi and save a bit of mobile data.

5. Download for later

If you’re a heavy streamer of things like movies or music, it may be worth upgrading your streaming services so that you can download content to watch or listen to later. Download your morning podcast, or Netflix episode at home before setting off for the day so that you’re not streaming using your mobile data while you’re out and about.

6. Use free Wi-Fi, but be careful

Free Wi-Fi is awesome and could save you using your mobile data while you’re not at home. While free Wi-Fi is almost as good as smashed avo on toast, it pays to be careful. Usually, free Wi-Fi networks aren’t completely secure, so make sure that you’re not using your banking apps or inputting important passwords. Stay safe out there.

If you’re following all these tips, but your data usage is still out of control, maybe you just need a better mobile plan? Check out our mobile plans, they’re jam-packed with data. Like, lots of it.