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6 of the best things on the Internet you never knew existed

6 of the best things on the Internet you never knew existed

The Internet is a magical, marvellous place that can help us with all of life’s big questions. Need a recipe that’ll use up those wilting veggies in the fridge? Not sure how to check the oil in your car? Chasing a service that’ll transcribe a lecture, suggest great books, or reimagine what your lounge room might look like in a different colour? The Internet has the answers.

But for the days when you’re not feeling super productive, or you need a distraction, or you simply fancy scrolling for something a little bit… different…. these are the websites to check out. They’re wild, they’re weird, they’re funny and fascinating. Prepare to enter a black hole of some of the Internet’s best offerings.

1. GeoGuessr

This map-based game has been doing the rounds for a while, and it’s an awesome way to test your geographical knowledge. You’re shown a street view somewhere in the world – and your only job is to guess where it is. Take note of numberplates, street signs, trees and powerlines, and test your luck pinning your guess on a world map. GeoGuessr provides hours of puzzling fun – and it’s a great way to travel virtually while we can’t jump on a plane.

2. A Soft Murmur

Having trouble focussing, need to drown out annoying background noise, or just want to relax? A Soft Murmur is a white-noise generator and it’s surprisingly calming. Choose your ambient sound, from the gentle patter of rain, the rumble of thunder, crashing waves or the crack of an open fire, hit the play button, and prepare for ultimate chill.

3. Amazon reviews of this banana slicer

In need of a laugh? We hear you. Spend the next 10 minutes reading through the (many) reviews of the Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer on Amazon.

4. The Betoota Advocate

Like your news firmly tongue-in-cheek? Meet the Betoota Advocate, Australia’s ‘oldest’ and most ‘authentic’ news publication. With headlines like ‘Dog Patiently Waits Until Owner Is Sound Asleep To Check Out What’s Going On In The Bedroom’ and ‘Cafe Patron Earns Staff Respect By Letting Them Know He’s In A Hurry’, it’s easy to spend your lunch break (or longer) chortling your troubles away.

5. Mental Floss

Not many of the websites in this list will make you appear smarter at your next dinner party – except this one. Mental Floss dishes up offbeat news, quirky facts, and answers life’s big questions (like ‘Why do cats head bump humans?’ and ‘Why does hot water sometimes feel cold?’) – it’s an Internet black hole you’ll love falling into.

6. The Wiki Game

Click into the wiki game and you’re given two seemingly unconnected topics (say, network topology and John Stamos). Your mission is to navigate from the first wiki page to the next in the least possible steps (in this case, Network topology → Telecommunications network → Internet → San Francisco → Full House → John Stamos). Sound simple? It’s not. But it’s a whole lot of fun.

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