ATA Reference Guide

On the front of your ATA you will notice a number of lights. The below table explains what each of these ligths mean:


Label Action Description
[A] ETH         


Solid Amber        

Solid Red

Solid Green

Flash Amber

No WAN or LAN Connection 

Both WAN and LAN connected

LAN connected only

WAN connected only

Data Flow

[B] SIP         


Solid Green

Flash Green

VoIP service is not registered

VoIP service is registered

VoIP service is attempting to register




Power is off

Power is on and ATA is ready to use



1. Telephone.

2. Any operating system is compatible, however depending on the version this may affect your VoIP experience.

3. Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher, Firefox 2.0 or higher, or Safari.

4. Ethernet network adapter.

5. An internet connection with a minimum of 512k/128k speed.


Connecting the ATA to your computer

As your Netcomm ATA has already been configured for your Dodo VoIP service, all you need to do is connect it to your ADSL modem and telephone handset. The guide below will instruct you on how to do this:

1. Connect the network cable to the port labeled LAN located at the back of the ATA. The other end will connect to your computer. Your ADSL modem will now connect to the ATA using another network cable, this will connect to the WAN port at the back of the ATA. You can now see that your ATA will be connected between the computer and your ADSL modem.

2. Connect the telephone handset you will be using via a telephone cable to the port labeled PHONE at the back of the ATA.

3. Finally, connect the power cable to your ATA and the power adapter to your power point. The port is marked as POWER at the back of the ATA.



Diagram (1.1) shows how the ATA connects physically to your computer, ADSL modem, power, telephone wall socket and telephone.


Please note: the telephone port labeled `LINE' is used for a standard land line service as a backup and if used you will need to install a filter on this line. 

After a few minutes, once it has completed registering your VoIP services, you should see the lights on the ATA indicate the following:

Label     Action
ETH Solid Green or Amber
SIP Solid Green
PWR Solid Green


If your ATA is indicating the above, you can now use your Dodo VoIP service. Try making a call or if you have a mobile or land line try calling yourself to test.


Configuring the ATA

1. Log into the ATA by opening a web browser using the address and use the following login details:

Username: admin               Password: admin

2. Click on the SIP SERVICE PROVIDED link from the left side menu:

voip page


3. Fill in the following information under the SIP SERVICE PROVIDER Heading:

  • Active: On
  • Sip Proxy Domain: voip.dodo.com.au
  • Proxy Server: voip.dodo.com.au
  • Display Name: This can be any name for the VoIP service (e.g. customer'sname, "Dodo VoIP", etc)
  • Auth. ID: Enter the customer's VoIP number (61 instead of 0 at the beginning)
  • Auth. Password: Enter the customer's VoIP password
  • Sip Expire Time: 3600


  NOTE: When done click the Submit button at the bottom of the screen.




4. You will now be directed to a Save and Reboot Screen, then click on the VoIP from the left menu and select Codec Settings from the menu:



5. Ensure the following settings are entered on the Codec Settings screen and click Submit at the bottom of the page:

Under the Codec Priority Heading: 

Codec Priority 1: G.729

Under the RTP Packet Legth Heading

G.711 & G.720: 20ms


6. Again you will be asked to save and reboot the ATA, click on Save Settings/Reboot on the left hand side of the screen. Click the Save & Reboot button on teh middle of the screen: