What is Fibre optic service?

Fibre optic service is internet and voice services provided over a fibre optic cable instead of conventional copper cables being used with ADSL technology. Fibre optic cable is made from strands of pure glass as thin as human hair. These strands carry digital information over long distances using pulses of light.

Few benefits of fibre optic service are as below:

  • Faster Speeds

Since fibre optic cables transmit digital information in form of light, data transmission is quicker than conventional copper cables used with ADSL which uses electrical signal. This also helps in delivering faster internet speeds. The current maximum speed that is provided over a Fibre Optic service is 100Mbits, but is not limited to this.

  • Less Signal Degradation

Loss of signals during transmission of digital information in fibre optic cables is less than conventional copper cables used for ADSL.

  • Less Interference

Unlike electrical signals in copper cables (used with ADSL service), light signals in one fibre does not interfere with those of other fibres in the same cable.

Overall, above benefits of fibre optic cables helps in delivering a better and faster service.

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