Getting To Know Your Modem




  1. USB Interface
  2. Wi-Fi LED
  3. Network LED
  4. SIM/USIM Card Slot
  5. Micro-SD Card Slot


Modem Light Status




Installing Your Modem

  1. Insert the modem into a USB port on your computer.

  2. Once the modem is inserted you will notice notifications appearing on your windows system tray.
  3. After few seconds an Auto play option will be displayed, click on ‘Run autorun.exe’ to proceed with the installation of AL2600.

  4. A progress bar (as below) will be shown on your computer screen, while modem software is installing on your PC. This may take few moments, so please be patient.

  5. Once the modem software is installed, AL2600 page will launch and modem will automatically connect to the internet.



Email and Homepage Setup

Email Setup

To check your Dodo email you can go to and under the Account Login section on the right hand side enter your username and password, select Webmail from the drop down menu and click the Login button.

Alternatively if you wish to setup your Dodo email address on your computer please go to: and under the Email heading in `Self Service' select `Setup Guides' and the mail client you are using.


Homepage setup

  1. If you wish to setup your Homepage simply open Internet Explorer and select Tools from the menu selection at the top.
  2. Within the General tab click in the address bar under the Homepage heading and enter or the website of your choice. Click "OK” to complete the setup.