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7 life-changing tech resolutions to make in 2020

7 life-changing tech resolutions to make in 2020

With every new year comes new resolutions. And while learning to play guitar and vowing to drink less wine are both admirable aspirations, we thought we’d make our resolutions a little more tech-savvy in 2020.

1.Thou shalt not tolerate sub-standard wi-fi

This is the modern age, friends. We’ve got a vaccination for polio, phones that are smart and robots doing our vacuuming, and yet we’re still sitting here just putting up with sub-standard internet speed. What’s the point of living in the technological era if we’re still putting up with buffering? This year we shall all stand up, put our feet down and demand better wi-fi. And by demand, we mean politely chat with our friendly internet service provider about our options.

2.Thou shalt finally use an ad-blocker

The time has come to finally stop with the ads. Apart from being annoying, ad media actually slows down your internet speed too. So if you weren’t fired up, surely you are now. The thing is, it’s not even that hard. All you have to do is install your ad-blocker plugin of choice and all those pesky auto-play guys will be banished.   

3.Thou shalt secure all passwords

Passwords are life. For real. We have a password for almost every aspect of our existence, from accessing our own money, to booking into yoga, and chatting with mates on the other side of the globe. We need a log-in for everything. But what happens when your password gets hacked? Maybe nothing. But maybe disaster. If your passwords (note we used plural – don’t just have one password) are not secure, start using tech, like keychain.

4.Thou shalt detox the inbox

How much time per day do you spend swiping away junk email? No, really. Stop and think about it.  The answer is too much. This is the year that your inbox gets a proper detox. I’m talking unsubscribing to all the unwanted mailing lists and deleting threads from 10 years ago. It’s not hard, almost every email has an ‘unsubscribe’ link if you look closely – it’s normally at the very top or at the very bottom. If you just unsubscribe from a handful every morning your inbox is going to be in the clear very soon.

5.Thou shalt unplug more often

We all need a break from this modern life. Less screen time and more real-time. We all need a digital detox. Unplugging from technology is not only good for our mental health, but it’s been proven to actually improve sleep, our attention spans and feelings of belonging in our community. What doesn’t sound good about that? This year we vow to say no to blue light and yes to sunlight.

6.Thou shalt think before you type

Oh, this is a goodie. Just like thinking before speaking, thinking before typing is super important nowadays. Mainly because every sentence you throw out into cyberspace is not only recorded for longevity but it can also have a significant impact on the human at the other end. So let’s all just try to be kinder to each other, hey? Less trolling and more supporting. And for goodness sake, don’t text your ex.

7.Thou shalt embrace smart tech

Technology is here to make our lives easier. I mean, what did we ever do without GPS? Use a book of maps? Get outta here. In 2020 we’re vowing to fully embrace smart tech. We’re talking smart AI like Google Home, smart lightbulbs that come on with a clap and smart baby monitors that use night vision. 2020 is basically the future, so let’s get with the times.

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