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6 ways a wearable can help you reach your fitness goals

6 ways a wearable can help you reach your fitness goals

Smart watches are great. You can use them to take calls, just like Inspector Gadget. You can use them to play Candy Crush (is that still a thing, or are we too busy making TikTok pasta now?). You can use them to make weird emoticon versions of your face.

But you can also use your smart watch (aka your wearable) for what they’re actually designed to do: kick some serious fitness goals. Here are 6 ways your wearable can help you become a fitter, faster, stronger version of yourself.

1. They’ll help you make healthier choices

Wearables are like a teeny personal trainer that lives on your wrist, minus all the shouting and making you feel bad about yourself. Your wearable knows when you’ve been still for too long and will encourage you to get up and move. Even prompt you to get out of bed or have a drink of water before you even know you’re thirsty.

2. Set goals – and stick to them

Setting goals keeps us accountable. Once we make the decision to walk 10,000 steps, do yoga every week, or run 10km, we’re far more likely to actually do them. A wearable like a smart watch or fitness tracker helps keep us on track to meet those goals by giving our wrist a little buzz to let you know how we’re going when we need to move, and when it’s time for a well-deserved break. 


Wearables know us better than we know ourselves. They can track how many steps we’ve taken throughout the day, how much we’ve slept, how many calories we’ve consumed, and our heart rate. They also send you a little jolt to get moving when we need to, and even remind us to breathe. But how does knowing all this help you achieve your fitness goals? It makes you more aware of what you’re doing, and what you might need to do more of.

4. Be more mindful

When your wearable is tracking steps, speed and distance travelled, it boosts your awareness of how much you’re actually moving. This is a great and motivating way to track your progress and work that little bit harder if you need to.

5. Download what you need (and delete what you don’t)

Most smartwatches come with some awesome apps already built-in. If not, the app stores have a ton of add-ons to help you move more, run faster, and eat better. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or distracted by just how many apps are out there, just use what you need – and remove what you don’t.

6. Get competitive

Nothing helps you kick those goals like a little healthy competition. Connect your wearable to your friends’ so you can see what they’re doing, and then – do better! You can set up your wearable to receive notifications when they complete a workout or real a milestone, which could be just the encouragement you need to get off your butt and out for a jog.

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