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7 TikTok recipes actually worth making

7 TikTok recipes actually worth making

Viral pasta doesn’t sound all that appetising. But last year, with the world in lockdown and billions of people forced to cook at home, a recipe using feta, cherry tomatoes and pasta knocked the hungry, housebound socks off just about everyone who tried it.

The global success of this simple feta pasta – aka TikTok Pasta, due to the platform that hyped it into stardom – got us thinking: are TikTok recipes actually any good?

Step into the Dodo kitchen and let’s get cooking.

1. Garden focaccia

First came the sourdough trend, then came garden focaccias: dough, pressed into a tray and topped with an array of veggies, herbs, even flowers, to resemble – yup – a garden. Focaccia gardens are cute, tasty, and a fun rainy-day activity to do with the kids.

Our verdict? At the end of the day, it’s bread, and what’s not to love about bread?

2. Corn ribs

This nifty, curly, tasty treat involves another viral sensation of pandemic life: the air fryer. After very carefully cutting your corn cobs into strips and smearing with a garlicky, herby butter, chuck those babies in the air fryer and cook til they’re curly with a little bit of colour.

Our verdict? Delicious. And if you don’t have an airfryer, just use your oven.


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3. Tortilla hack

The tortilla hack is perhaps the most versatile of the viral recipes on this list – make it with eggs and bacon for breakfast, with fruit, chocolate and marshmallows for a sweet treat, or with special sauce and mince meat for a hamburger version. And, it’s easy as pie. Slice a cut into your flatbread, load up each quarter with a different filling, fold into a triangle, and fry.

Our verdict? 10/10. This is definitely one worth making.

4. Whipped coffee

If you like coffee that tastes more like dessert than – you know – actual coffee, you’ll love whipped coffee. Mix together instant coffee, sugar and a bit of hot water until it’s thick and fluffy, then top with hot or cold milk for a very, very sweet treat.

Our verdict? Sweet. Maybe too sweet.

5. Nature’s Cereal

Some might call it a bowl of berries, but TikTok has coined it Nature’s Cereal. And people are mad for it (it’s even been endorsed by Lizzo). Chuck a handful of your favourite berries into a bowl, throw in a few ice blocks and top with a slosh of coconut water. That’s it. That’s the recipe. And look, it’s pretty good, but is it worthy of over 16 million views? TikTok says yes.

Our verdict? Um sure, OK.


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6. Vegan chicken

OK, so wet dough doesn’t really sound too tasty. But with the right amount of kneading, a sprinkling of spices, herbs and salt, a quick fry in some oil and simmering in a pool of vegetable stock (or vegan chicken stock), this homemade mock meat actually does taste like chicken! You win this round, TikTok viral recipes.

Our verdict? We admire the creativity, but we’ll stick with jackfruit, thanks.  

7. 5-ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies

We were sceptical about this one. Can you really make a tasty cookie using only sugar, peanut butter, baking soda, an egg and a handful of choc chips? Spoiler: YOU CAN. This is easy, fast (10 mins in the freezer, then another 10 in the oven) and so good if you’re in the mood for a little cookie with your morning whipped coffee.

Our verdict? Yes times five.

Be inspired by every TikTok recipe under the sun, but make sure you’re on the right home internet plan.