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6 tips for moving house without the hassle

6 tips for moving house without the hassle

Moving house without the hassle

From the excitement of possibility (your new home) to the sweet, sweet nostalgia (your old home) and the dull lower back ache (too many heavy boxes) – moving house can be a rollercoaster.

But what it shouldn’t be is a rollercoaster full of hassles. So if you’ve got a big move coming up, make your life a little easier with these hassle-dodging golden rules.

Enlist help

Don’t be a hero, moving home can be tough work but a professional removals company will make your new pad come easy. That said, if you can’t afford to bring in help, you can always start cashing in those favours. This is Australia – you must know at least one person that owns a van/ute and owes you one. Rope ‘em in.

Palm off the dependants

Whether we’re talking about your three-year-old daughter or your seven elderly cats, sending your little ones off to childcare/grandparents care/the next-door neighbours’ backyard will ensure you some productive peace and quiet. It will also mean you can set up the living room without treading on any tiny toes.

Organise your utilities ASAP

Make sure you think ahead and get your water/electricity/gas/internet connected in advance. There is nothing worse than sitting in a cold, dark, Wi-Fi-less kitchen on your first night in a new house. Plan in advance and get those necessities set up – you’ll thank us later.

Categorise, categorise, categorise

The way in which you pack up your current home will speak volumes for how smoothly the unpack happens. The key here is to go hard with the sharpie. When you’re packing boxes, put the kitchen stuff with the kitchen stuff (not the useless items you found in the garage) and label the box ‘KITCHEN STUFF’. It might sound like common sense but you’d be surprised what goes missing in a move.

Take the time to declutter

Moving home is the perfect opportunity to go full Marie Kondo on your belongings. If they don’t spark joy, they’re gone. Not only will embracing a bit of minimalism ease much of the moving anxiety, but you can also donate your old things to an op-shop. Good vibes all round!

Go in with a game plan

It’s not a good idea to start packing up your kitchen a week before moving day. You’ll only spend seven days looking for that elusive veggie peeler. Same goes for spending the whole unpacking day organising your new garage only for bedtime to roll around and you’ve not built your bed. Approach the move logically, go in with a game plan, and you’ll be settled in no time.

Moving house with small kids? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered here!