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6 awesome learning and development apps for kids

6 awesome learning and development apps for kids

Modern parenting can be pretty demanding, and phones and tablets often save the sanity of mums and dads everywhere. Still, some worry about which apps and programs are OK for kids and which aren’t.

For the younger kids (0-24 months)

For kids aged 0-24 months, the best apps are those that encourage social interactions. 

FaceTime, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, etc.

Cost: Free 

Available on: Google Play and iTunes *Facetime only available on iPhone

One of the key skills that infants learn is to recognise and mimic the faces of adults around them, particularly their primary care-givers. So video calling is a great (and simple) activity for introducing the little one to family members or staying in touch with relatives who are far away or on-the-go.

While these little munchkins learn best when socialising with adults, that’s not always possible. Here are a couple of interactive apps that parents love and are better for kids than watching YouTube.

Baby Rattle Child Lock Basic

Cost: Free

Available on: iTunes

Ok, so this is a bit of a cheat, because the child doesn’t use the touch screen. Still, it’s a really handy app. Basically, it locks down your phone and plays rattle sounds when bub shakes it. Great for keeping the baby entertained when you’re out and about without toys. 


Cost: $0.99

Available on: iTunes

Just like Baby Rattle, this app is very popular with parents and their babies. On Bubbles, the baby uses their fingers to create and then pop bubbles. So simple and satisfying that parents report being as mesmerised as the kids. Interactive games like this can help them develop their fine motor skills. 

For the threenagers (2 – 5)

Now that bub has learnt the basic fine motor skills and some speech, they can begin making more sophisticated movements and learning to count and read. While these apps are not silver bullets, they ignite imagination, encourage fun and are mighty handy. 

Toddler Flashcards

Cost: Free

Available on: iTunes

Though it is simple, this virtual flashcard app is powerful. Help your child learn the names of colours, animals, food and shapes with engaging pictures and an interface that they can use easily. Better yet, parents have access to multiple languages. Super handy for kids who are growing up bilingual. 

Crayola Colour, Draw & Sing

Cost: $2.99

Available on: Google Play and iTunes

A colouring book with a very creative twist. This app pairs an action, like playing with a crayon or using a new colour, with an instrument. As your child uses more actions, more instruments are unlocked and a classic children’s song takes shape. A great use of fine motor skills, memory and good old fashioned fun. 

Elmo Loves 123s

Cost: $4.99

Available on: iTunes

While it’s a little on the expensive side, this app has all the hallmarks of your favourite childhood TV show and is packed full of features. It has heaps of videos, games and interactive interfaces to help kids learn the numbers 1 to 20. 

Now that you’re armed with the best learning and development apps for kids, check out our blog on whether phones and tablets help or hinder your child’s development.