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5 ways to save money on your power bill this summer

5 ways to save money on your power bill this summer

When the weather heats up, we all go searching for a place to cool down and get away from the searing summer rays. Now, what that usually means is that we go running for the air-con! If you’re the bill payer in the house, you know what that means. More air-con, more dollars and that’ll hurt the wallet.

While we can’t turn down the temp, we can help you save a bit of money with Dodo’s Super Saver Tips for Summer. Here they go.

1. Keep the heat out

Do you get home in the evening to a house that’s impersonating a sauna? Quick fix – shut your windows, doors and curtains during the day (especially the hottest parts). That’ll help keep out the heat & you’ll need to use less cooling when you get home.  

2. Ditch the dishwasher

Hear this one out. Yes, you’ll need to put in a little elbow grease, but you’ll save in two ways! Your daily dish wash will use less electricity and you won’t have the added heat that a dishwasher pumps into the air when in use.

3. Go solar

Have you thought about solar panels? During summer, we get hours upon hours of solar energy. So, capturing that energy with solar panels will not only make the most of the sunshine hours, it’ll also help cut down your bills and give you some bonus green points.

4. Make it quick

Timing your showers is a nifty way to use less heated water and lower your water bill. That’s what we call a double saver! We like to use a song, start playing when you jump and make sure you’re out of the shower before it ends. It’s a fun way to get the kiddos involved too.

5. Just turn it off

Switch off any lights that you’re not using, or don’t need on. During daylight savings, you’ll have more hours of free light in the evening, so don’t play into old habits by turning on unneeded lights.  Or even better, switch to LED lighting because they last longer, use much less electricity and they don’t create extra heat like traditional lights.

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