About Dodo Power & Gas

Australian owned and operated, M2 Energy Pty Ltd trading as Dodo Power and Gas is licensed to sell electricity and gas in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland and the ACT. Dodo Electricity is currently only available in Victoria , New South Wales and Queensland, and Dodo Gas has recently become available in Victoria, but we look forward to providing power and gas throughout south-eastern Australia in the future.

Dodo Electricity was launched in Victoria in June 2010, then in New South Wales and Queensland in July 2011. Dodo Gas became available in Victoria in December 2012.

Dodo now offers consumers the ability to deal with a single company for all of their home services including Home Phone, Mobile, Broadband Internet, Electricity, Gas and now Insurance.

Dodo's vision is to offer consumers the very best solutions at competitive prices and in doing so, give Australians freedom of choice and great value for money. Innovation is paramount to maintaining Dodo’s position among the top five telcos in Australia, thus giving Dodo Power & Gas the steam to launch exciting energy products at competitive prices.