Getting To Know Your Modem

  1. USB Interface
  2. SIM/USIM Card Slot
  3. Micro-SD Card Slot
  4. Strap Hole
  5. Indicator LED


Modem Light Status

LED Indicator Description
Flashing Green and Red multicolour circularly  Network searching
Quickly Flashing Green and Red multicolour circularly Hardware Failure
Green Light Slow Flashing Registering with 3G network
Constant Green Light Connected to 3G network
Red Light Slow  Flashing Registering with 2G network
Constant Red Light Connected to 2G network


Installing Your Modem

  1. Insert the modem into a USB port on your computer.


  2. Once the modem is inserted you will notice notifications appearing in your Windows system tray.


  3. After few seconds the Modem setup wizard will be displayed, click on the Next button.


  4. Next, choose a location where you wish to install the software to, otherwise leave the location as the default location and click Next.


  5. To begin the modem software installation click Install, This may take few moments so please be patient.


  6. Once the installation is complete click the Finish button to close the Modem setup wizard.


  7. Launch the application from your desktop by clicking on “Dodo Mobile Broadband”.




Connecting the Service

  1. To connect your Dodo Mobile Wireless Broadband service, click the Connect button.


  2. Once connected the Connect button will change to Disconnect as shown below. You can click on Disconnect to disconnect your internet connection.