1. To begin click on the "Start" and navigate to Settings > Dial-up Networking > Make New Connection.

    Winme _pic1

    Winme _pic2

  2. Once the Connection wizard opens, enter an appropriate name for the connection, e.g. Dodo, then select your modem from the dropdown list. Then click "Next".

    Winme _pic4

  3. Enter your area code from the dropdown box and then enter 0198381100 into the "Telephone Number" box.

    Choose Australia from the "Country or region code" box and then click "Next".

    * Please note that you are responsible for telephone call charges that apply when you dial in to our services. It is advisable to check with your current telephone provider first before you use the above number.

  4. The Dial-up wizard is now complete, click on the "Finish" button the finalize the setup.

    Win 98_pic5

  5. Click on the "Start" button and navigate to Settings > Dial-up Networking > Dodo.

    Winme _pic1

    Winme _pic5

  6. Enter your Dodo username and password into the boxes provided. Select "Save Password" and make sure "Connect automatically" is unticked. Then click the "Properties" button.

  7. Un-tick "Use area code and Dialing rules" then click OK.

  8. To dial-up to the internet simply click "Connect".