1. Double click on "My Computer" found on the Desktop.

    Win 98_pic1

  2. Double click on "Dial-Up Networking".

    Win 98_pic2

  3. In the "New Connection" window enter  Dodo as the computer you are dialing andselect your modem from the list.

    Win 98_pic3

  4. Then click the "Next" button to continue.
    Note: If you can't find your modem in the list it may need to be installed from the drivers CD/Disk device.
  5. On the next screen please enter the following details:

  6. The setup of the Dial-Up Connection is nowcompleted.

    Win 98_pic5

  7. Click "Finish" to finalize the configuration.
  8. Return to the Dial-Up Networking window.

    Win 98_pic6

  9. Double click on the newly created "Dial-Up connection".
  10. Enter the following details into the "Connect Towindow.

    Username: Your Dodo username

    Password: Your Dodo password

    Save Password: Tick the box

  11. Then click the "Connect" button.