1. Click on the Network icon in the taskbar (inbottom-right hand corner of the start menu next to the system clock).
    This will bring up the Network Connection window. Depending on how your computer is set up, it may look like either of the icons below:

    Win 7_pic1

  2. Click Open Network and Sharing Centerat the bottom of the Network Connection window.

    Win 7_pic2

  3. Click Set up a new connection or networkin the Network and Sharing Center.

    Win 7_pic3

  4. Select Set up a dial-up connectionand click Next.

    Win 7_pic4

  5. On the connection to the internet screen type the information from your Internet service provider (ISP) screen enter the details as follows:
    • Dial-up phone number: 0198381100
    • User name: Get the customer to enter their Dodo Username
    • Password: Get the customer to enter their Dodo password. N.B. This is case-sensitive, so ensure your caps lock key is switched off and you are entering your password in the correct case. You can get the customer to check show characters to see what they are typing if there are any problems.
    • Select Remember this Password.
    • Connection name: It is recommended you change this to Dodo Dialup.
    • Allow other people to use this connection: If you have other Windows user accounts on this computer, and you intend for them to be able to use this dial up connection, check the box. Otherwise, leave it unchecked.

  6. Ensure you have connected your modem to the phone socket(If possible)and click Connect. This will automatically attempt to test the new connection by dialing up to the internet.

    Win 7_pic6

    Win 7_pic7

  7. Choose to Setup the connection anywayif it fails to connect.

    Win 7_pic8

  8. To reconnect to this dial-up connection in the future, click the Network Connection icon in the bottom-right hand corner of the start menu, click DODO Dial-up Connection, and then click the connection button.
  9. Set "Idle time before hanging up" to "Never".

How to Set Idle Time to "Never"

  1. Open Internet Properties.
  2. Select Dial up Connection.

    Win 7_pic9

  3. Click on Settings.

    Win 7_pic 10

  4. Click on Properties.

  5. Click on the Optionstab.

    Win 7_pic 12

  6. Choose "never" from the Idle time before hanging up drop down box and click "Ok".