1. Click on the Apple Menu, scroll down and select System Preferences as shown below:



2. On the System Preferences window that will appear, right under Network and Internet, select the Network Icon.



3. On the Network window that will appear click the TCP/IP tab. 



4. Apply settings, then click the PPP tab, from there enter the following information:

  • Service Provider: Dodo Internet
  • Account Name: (Your dodo account name you provided during sign up)
  • Password: (Your dodo account password you provided during sign up)
  • Telephone Number: 0198381100


  • Check the Save Password tick box


5. Click the PPP Options button.

6. From the new window that will appear, make sure to uncheck Disconnect if idle for __ minutes.

7. CheckDisconnect when user logs out.

8. Check Redial if busy and set the necessary Redial __ times and Wait __ seconds.


9. Click OK and Apply your settings, then try to connect.