You or a person authorised by you can obtain your Meter Read Data by submitting a request to

To confirm you are authorised to request this information you will need to supply the below details. You can review the Dodo Group Privacy Policy for further information.

Customer requests

Customer Details
Account Number:
Customer Name:
Contact No:
Email Address:
National Meter Identifier (NMI/s): -(This will be on the back of your bill/s)
Date of Birth:
Desired method of delivery: -(Detailed report via email. Summary report via post)

Third Party Data requests

If you are an authorised third party, we require:

Your Full Name:
Contact No:
Email Address:

If you are requesting meter data on behalf of a Dodo Power & Gas customer please include a signed statement that you have received explicit informed consent from our customer to receive their information and submit your request with all the customer details as defined above. (Please note, this will be required for each customer on multiple requests).

Dodo Power & Gas will use our best endeavours to confirm with each customer that consent was provided, and will not provide customer data without confirmation.

Your request will be submitted for review, we will provide all available Meter Data within 10 business days.

We will contact you within three business days should there be any concerns or delays in actioning your request.

If your enquiry is in regards to multiple sites, please provide us with the details of each site.

You can call us on 1300 374 757 if you need any further information.