The nbn™ and me

When will I get the nbn™?

Check the status of your property on the nbn™ roll-out map . Rollout occurs on a region by region basis. The areas chosen will depend on network architecture and specific geographic features, so sometimes an entire suburb may not roll out at the same time.


Can I pre-order?

nbn™ pre-order allows you to choose your Dodo nbn™ plan and request the service in advance, so when the nbn™ is available at your home, we can get the ball rolling on your connection.
Please keep in mind that the nbn™ rollout plan is subject to change. To see how the nbn™ rollout is tracking in your area you can check out our nbn™ rollout map.


How does the switch work and how long does it take?

In most cases the nbn Co. provides households 18 months’ notice for the household’s existing broadband service (copper cabling) before it’s switched off and the new fibre technology will be switched on.


What happens if I don’t switch?

When the nbnTM becomes available at your location, you will have about 18 months to switch to the nbn™ before your existing internet and phone line will be disconnected. The nbn™ affects more than just your internet, it may affect the following:

  • X   Landline home phone services
  • X   ADSL broadband internet connections
  • X   Medical alarms and emergency call systems
  • X   Fax machines
  • X   Home security alarm systems
  • X   Fire alarm systems

What do I need to switch to the nbn™?

After you receive the correspondence from nbn™ that your property is ready to connect to the nbn™ network, you’ll be required to get in touch with a Retail Service Provider to choose a plan and get connected. At Dodo, we provide plans that include data, call allowances and a modem, so that there’s nothing else you’ll need to source.


Can I keep my phone number when I switch to the nbn™?

Yes, in most cases we can transfer your existing landline/home phone number over the the nbn™ network. Call our team when you are ready to receive nbn™ to coordinate this.

How much is the nbn™ going to cost me?

The cost of connecting to the nbnTM is dependent on a few factors, such as your location and provider. The standard installation of nbn™ equipment is currently free of charge.
Your location impacts the technology you’d be receiving and that requires installing. Each provider offers different levels of speed and data, plus different contract lengths and inclusions such as modems.

What is the New Development Fee

Effective 1 April 2016, the $300 New Development Fee is charged for all nbn™ broadband connections in the following circumstances:

  • The first connection at a premises in a newly developed area i.e. a suburb with no pre-existing telecommunications infrastructure.
  • The first connection(s) at a premises in an establish area in the rare instance that a developer has increased the number of dwellings on the same plot of land e.g. demolished a single house and built a block of units.

I’m renting, does this matter?

Prior to any installation work taking place at the property you’re residing in, you should obtain permission from your landlord or property owner/manager. On our higher speed plans you can connect multiple devices at once without speed being affected, which is perfect for house-sharing.