We’re lighting up the future of broadband in your area

Not sure what this means for you? Here’s a few things to get you started.

What is the nbn?

The new nbn™ network is currently being rolled out in homes and neighbourhoods across Australia. Internet and telephony services on the nbn network will be delivered via fibre optic cables to direct service points and local exchanges, or wirelessly via satellite, depending on availability.

nbn co is a government-owned organisation that is responsible in managing and installing this new infrastructure. Once they’ve done their bit, it’s our job as a trusted retail service provider to set up your connection.

What's in it for me?

This next-generation telecommunications network is designed to provide more Australians nationwide with a high-speed and reliable telephone and broadband service. With the NBN, you’ll be able to connect, stream, watch, download and play games faster and more seamlessly than ever before!

The nbn difference

New and improved infrastructure

Receive stronger connection quality and stability on the NBN

More speed

The NBN allows you to choose your preferred speed tier based on your needs

Broadband for the

This new network is future-proof and ready for the 21st century

Understanding nbn speeds

Dodo's NBN plans offer 3 different speed options: 12/1Mbps, 25/5Mbps and 100/40Mbps. These speed options represent a theoretical indication of what you will be able to get. Speeds can be affected by factors such as internet traffic, the hardware or software you are using, the site or host you are getting data from, or just the NBN network generally.

When can I get the NBN?

Check out the nbn service roll-out map to discover when the nbn will arrive in your area.

How do I get connected to the nbn

Start getting connected to the nbn today!

Frequently Asked Questions

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