About the nbn™

What and who is the nbn™ ?

nbn. Co (the National Broadband Network) is a wholly-owned government organisation who are delivering Australia’s first national wholesale-only, open access broadband network. nbn Co. is the company leading the project and Retail Service Providers (RSPs) like Dodo on sell the broadband connection to consumers with their own packages.


Why do we need nbn™ ?

Australia’s average connection speed, using copper infrastructure is not designed to carry large amounts of data, it was initially built for voice only. The need for constant social media browsing, internet banking, on-demand streaming entertainment, video calling and gaming has increased the demand for more data. Plus there are more devices and all being used simultaneously than ever before; with the average of 9 connected devices on average per Australian household in peak time.

What are Retail Service Providers (RSPs)?

Moving to the nbn™ network isn’t automatic, so those who receive notifications that their house will be ready for service will have to speak with a Retail Service Provider, like Dodo, to get connected. nbn™ is the wholesale provider of the network and RSPs sell the connection to the customer. You cannot buy nbn™ internet straight from the nbn™ .


nbn™ Technologies:

The nbn™ network is made up of a mix of different fibre technologies, using best-fit technology for each area. You’re unable to choose what technology you’d like for your household, your house will be just given what fits best, based on cost, region and existing infrastructure. The nbn™ are using the multi-technology mix so that existing networks can be leveraged, which will minimise costs and increase the speed at which the country receives nbn™ .

nbn™ vs. ADSL2+

On the nbn™ you should receive a stronger connection quality and stability compared to your current ADSL service. It’s easy to connect, stream, download and play media more seamlessly and simultaneously. Unlike your current ADSL service, you can choose your speed to suit your household’s data need and budget. There are multiple factors affecting broadband speed; from the amount of devices connected in your home, the network strength, content and applications being used, and the service provider that is connecting you. The nbn™ is designed to combat these so you can stream simultaneously and connect more devices than before.

nbn™ speeds:

Dodo’s nbn™ plans are available with 3 speed tiers:



For light users: This entry level, high speed is included in every Dodo NBN plan. It’s perfect for light users who use one or two internet devices at once.



For those after a little extra: This speed option is great for moderate internet users who want to stream, download, and game with ease.



For entertainment enthusiasts: This is the ideal speed option for multiple household users wanting a fast internet connection. Perfect for high quality streaming, fast downloading and gaming.


what does it mean for me?


Everyone online at once

Choosing a high speed plan over the nbn™ network means your whole household could enjoy access to the benefits of fast internet all at the same time with lots of devices connected.


Connecting with those who matter

A fast, reliable broadband network allows you to enjoy video calls without constant interruptions, so you never feel too far away.


Stay entertained

Enjoy quick access to the content you want, when you want it- everything from video streaming, music downloads or live news and sport.


Working from home

Working from home becomes a real option when you can access a fast internet connection just like you do in the office.

How is the nbn™ being installed?

Myth Busting

Switching is optional


The nbn™ network is being rolled out Australia wide and is replacing your current copper (ADSL) service so is compulsory.

nbn™ only affects my internet


Equipment that may be affected includes your landline and any alarm or security systems that run through the internet.

nbn™ is expensive


nbn™ plans are usually priced similar to ADSL plans

How long does installation take?

It may take up to a day to complete the installation of the nbn™ Utility Box (PCD). However you do not need to be home when the work is carried out, unless you have a locked gate or an obstruction such as a large dog. If that’s the case, you’re to let nbn™ know prior to the scheduled installation date on 1800 687 626.


Does the nbn™ experience downtimes or blackouts?

Equipment connected over the nbn™ network will not work during a power blackout. We recommend having an alternative form of communication handy, like a charged mobile phone. If you have safety-critical equipment (e.g. a medical alarm, monitored fire or security alarm or lift emergency phone), speak to your equipment provider about battery back-ups and alternative options.