NBN Home Phone rates

Pay As You Go

NBN Voice Service

Standard Local Calls 25c Untimed
National Calls 29c per minute

39c flagfall

Calls to Mobiles (Australia Only) 39c per minute

39c flagfall

13/1300 Calls 44c Untimed

44c flagfall

$1.95 Value Calls Yes - See Details
International Calls See table below

International call rates

Calls are charged on a per minute basis. Flagfall: 39c for each call Destinations marked with a purple square are included in the $1.95 Value Calls (for the first 30 minutes). $1.95 Value Calls are not included in Local and International call packs.

Please note: Some of our international calling rates will change on June 4, 2018. See below to find out which destinations will be affected and the rate increase. Calls made before June 4, 2018 will not be affected by these changes, and will be charged on existing rates.