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As bushfires continue to burn across Australia, we know some of our customers and volunteers will need help from us.

Whether you are affected short-term or longer-term, you may be eligible for relief solutions to support you through this difficult time, which may include:

  • Billing credits for non-usage of service
  • Waiver of cancellation fees (for severe damage or loss)

  • Free replacement and delivery for damaged modems

  • Waiver of standard connection fee at your original address or re-connection at new address up to $240 Inc. GST (excludes cabling and trenching)

  • Waiver of late payment fees

  • Mobile monthly base fee waived for January and February for emergency service volunteers

    • Includes State Emergency Services volunteers or equivalent official Emergency Service organisation of that state that are directly supporting the bushfire efforts.

    • Limited to one mobile service per household

  • Short-term and Long-term payment arrangements

  • Financial hardship assistance Financial Hardship Policy

  • Energy payment assistance Energy Assistance Program

If you’ve received a payment reminder, suspension or disconnection notice, please contact us to make an alternative arrangement.

Call Us

If you have been affected by recent bushfires call us to discuss your eligibility for bushfire relief options between Monday to Sunday 8am – 7pm AESDT on 1300 038 224.

If you are experiencing mobile network difficulties, please be aware that you are still able to dial emergency services on 000 and international standard emergency number on 112.