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Why Do We Stay Connected?

Why Do We Stay Connected?

I’m sure we all remember that fateful moment. That cold, unsettling feeling we get when, one fine morning, we slam the front door shut behind us on our way to start the day, only to remember that we have left our sophisticated, highly-treasured technological marvel on the kitchen bench / coffee table / bedside drawer / usual technological-marvel-browsing spot of choice.

Some of us will also be familiar with that uncomfortable knot we feel forming in our stomachs when, upon a hasty tapping of our pockets and a quick rummage through our bags, we find ourselves sitting in a packed peak-hour carriage without our iPods / iPads / mp3 players blasting Top 40 tunes through our earphones.

Indeed, nothing feels quite as irritating as leaving behind our much-loved, app-laden gadgets and going through our day without reading our emails, checking news feeds, seeing what our Facebook friends are up to, or tweeting during our lunch break. Going online has become an indispensable part of our lives, and as a result of that, we are becoming increasingly dependent on the sleek, glossy smartphones we have beeping away in our pockets. Of course, we also have our computers, portable gadgets and laptops – the list goes on.

But one question remains: why do we stay connected?

In the end, it all comes down to two things: simplicity and easy access.

There’s no denying the fact that as the digital generation’s torchbearers, we are at the forefront when it comes to technology and the digital space. We use words like ‘tweet’, ‘unfriend’, and ‘google’ as fully-functional verbs, and we make videos of finger-biting toddlers and rainbow-tailed cats go viral faster than the post-winter flu bug in a warm lecture theatre. As a generation that is so used to using technology to keep up with what’s happening around the globe, we tend to treat our gadgets almost like a living, breathing part of our existence. Our lives wouldn’t feel the same without them.

We have the world literally at our fingertips now. We love technology because it makes our lives so much simpler, quicker, and more exciting, too. Thanks to Facebook, keeping in touch with each other is hassle-free. Twitter allows us to have open discussions with anyone, anytime, anywhere. The internet in general provides us with simple access to a seemingly unlimited resource space, and staying connected with the help of electronic gadgets saves us plenty of time and effort, improving our lives in many different ways. If just about all forms of convenience could be found online, why would we ever want to switch off?

Also, we happily embrace life-changing technological advances with open arms simply because they have become so readily available for us. What used to be considered a privilege a few years ago is now considered ubiquitous – the Internet, for instance, or portable electronic devices like the iPad and other tablets which are now selling at affordable price points.

A big part of our world has gone online, and so have our interests. With real-time updates and endless conversations transmitted into our smartphones, we are constantly keeping ourselves relentlessly informed. Staying connected is no longer an option, but a necessity, if we wish to remain current within our world’s changing scene.

So, tell us: Why, and how, do you connect with the world?