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What does your WFH style say about you?

What does your WFH style say about you?

This year has really seen a shift in the way most Australians work. When COVID-19 shut down offices across the country, those of us lucky enough to still have work had to contend with a new office environment: the home.

It’s been… interesting. While some have slipped easily into the WFH lifestyle, others have battled their way through it, to a soundtrack of kids needing help with online learning, partners/housemates watching yet another YouTube tutorial on DIY terrariums (with the volume WAY too loud), and the whimpers and mews of confused pets, wondering why you’re still here and when they might finally get some peace and quiet (and the good spot on the couch). Still, rolling out of bed at 8.55am to start work at 9 definitely has its perks.

There are a number of different WFH styles – from the constant professional to the 9-5-pyjama wearer – but whatever type you fit into, we know you’re doing a great job.

1. The President of At-Home Affairs  

It’s like you never left the CBD! Your home setup rivals your boss’s corner office; you’ve got multiple screens, a wireless mouse, noise-cancelling headphones… you’ve even fashioned an ergonomic standing desk out of a cardboard box. The President of At-Home Affairssticks to a routine; grabbing coffee from the kitchen en route to the desk, dresses in something a lil nicer than raggedy track pants, and clocks off for lunch.

While never one for water-cooler banter in the ‘real’ office, the President of At-Home Affairshas taken to conversing with the family dog during 2020. Their best conversation to date has been about ‘the future of digital barketing’. 

2. Chief Executive of the Bed

The Chief Executive of the Bedshave big dreams for the future. Their dreams are so big, in fact, they must stay in bed ALL DAY to ensure they don’t miss any important signs from the land of nod. That said, the Chief Executive of the Bed gets it done – particularly when they don’t have to faff around with getting dressed. The Chief Executive of the Bedenjoys a 42-minute lunchtime break to catch up on last night’s episode of Love Island, so a reliable Wi-Fi network is essential to their wellbeing and productivity.

3. The Couch CEO

Often a promoted Chief Executive of the Bed, the Couch CEO takes an agile approach to work. They may start their day under the doona, before moving to the kitchen table, in anticipation of the lunch rush. By early afternoon, the Couch CEO has staked their claim on the couch. The Couch CEO is likely to have quite bad posture, due to being curled up like a prawn for hours on end, so it’s recommended they take regular stretching breaks.

4. The Al Fresco Associate

These workers take the chance for the great outdoors at every opportunity, even if it means premature aging due to the constant squint at a sun-drenched computer screen. The key to an Al Fresco Associate’s productivity is a powerful internet connection. This ensures they can access their emails first thing in the morning from their rickety table in the backyard, through to that ‘important’ afternoon Zoom call that could have been an email from their west-facing front steps. Apart from bad Wi-Fi, the only thing likely to dampen the spirit of an AFA is a rainy day.

5. The Director of Dilmah

There’s a little bit of this style in all of us. This director begins the day with a strong pot of English Breakfast, then does some work. Half an hour later, the kettle’s on for a motivating herbal blend of cinnamon and green tea. Mid-morning and it’s a milky sweet Earl Grey, while the afternoon is all about a zesty ginger number. While it may look as though this worker is perpetually procrastinating, they are remarkably industrious, fuelled not just by the hydrating and invigorating effects of tea, but the incidental exercise of walking between their desk and the kettle. May or may not have shares in Dilmah, or another popular tea brand.

6. The Small Person Project Manager

The Small Person Project Manager(SPPM) is important. Not only are they doing their paid work, they’re also teaching their kids throughout 2020’s school and childcare closures. SPPM’s work all hours and from everywhere. Their bed, their kid’s top bunk, the kitchen table, the couch, often sitting in the car for essential calls and a much-needed break. A SPPM’s home internet needs to be as strong as they are, to cover meetings, maths lessons, and multiple episodes of Bluey. These guys have done hours of overtime this year, and are entitled to approximately 750 days of paid time in lieu and, at any given time, may be covered in at least 17 different types of toddler food.

7. The Essential Worker

The Essential Worker doesn’t have a WFH setup, and for this, they deserve a standing ovation. Theirs is at the coalface, working in hospitals, producing PPE for frontline workers, making food and coffee for the hungry masses, basically doing everything to keep the rest of us safe and well. When the Essential Worker gets home, they deserve the best things in life: a comfy couch, warm PJs, and their fave TV shows (minus the buffering).

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