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Ways technology can help you keep your kids safe

Ways technology can help you keep your kids safe

Ways technology can help you keep your kids safe

Modern technology’s a magic thing. Whether you want to FaceTime your 90-year-old Sicilian nonna or control your entire home with just your voice, with a Dodo internet connection the sky really is the limit.

In even better news for parents, there’s also a heap of technology out there that we can use to keep our families safe and sound. From password encryptions and webcams to internet controls, you don’t need to be a tech genius to make these apps and gadgets work for you:

Hello, wireless baby monitors

Forget having to get off the couch to check on the sleeping bubba every other minute – baby monitors today come wireless and with night vision (hallelujah!). This means you can see your insomniac toddler attempting to climb out of their crib before they escape. Peace of mind? You’re welcome.

Thank you GPS tracking

You can track anything nowadays, whether it’s your runaway doggo, a teenager with new P plates or lost computer. If you’re concerned about privacy and safeguarding your data in the case of a lost or stolen device there are free apps (like Prey) that help you locate your device and also lock your hard drive by phone or internet on a trusted second device.

Take control of screen time

Considering today’s social media and internet climate, it’s understandable that screen time and internet access have become a pressing issue for parents. Experts recommend giving younger kids mobile plans without internet access or installing apps like Qustodio which arm parents with the tools to control their kids’ online experience. It’s got an in-built blocker that keeps out any dodgy (or r rated) images, gives you the ability to limit screen time and block specific sites and apps.

Update your security software

Home security software has come leaps and bounds. You can now secure your home fortress with a button on your mobile. Need to grant the plumber/dog sitter/real estate agent access to your place? You don’t even need to leave the office. This kind of technology can also send you alerts when your front door has been breached, helping you take the necessary precautions to ensure your family’s safety.

Turn on safe driving mode

There’s nothing so anxiety-inducing as when your child gets their license. No matter how much you drill your teens about safe driving and road rules, anything can happen. That said, TrueMotion is doing its best to reduce reckless driving. It’s an easy to install app that allows you to see their current location and how they reached it. You can also rate their trips according to things like speeding, sudden breaking and phone usage during the drive.

Now you know how to keep your kids safe online, you’re probably wondering when a kid should get their first phone… Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered here!