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Twitter and ESPN Enhancing Services for Sports Lovers

Twitter and ESPN Enhancing Services for Sports Lovers

It is understood that Twitter and ESPN are now working together to deliver a better service for sports lovers.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Twitter and ESPN plan to collaborate in order to give the leading sports channel the ability to provide a range of highlight clips via tweets.

This will mean that videos can be accessed on Twitter very soon after they occur live.

The main driver for the new arrangement is revenue generation through advertising.

Ads will be embedded inside the clips, and advertisers will be contracted to buy a minimum number of tweets that are promoted and related to the highlights.

It is understood that World Cup soccer and X Games tournaments are among the sports comprising part of the deal.

The link between Twitter and ESPN supports the belief and understanding that Twitter is committed to strengthening its ties with TV networks.

In April, a Bloomberg report indicated that Twitter was liaising with NBC and Viacom regarding the promotion of more content of the networks to Twitter users.

The ultimate aim of this arrangement is to increase advertising revenue for the social media platform.