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Preparing for the Second Internet Revolution

Preparing for the Second Internet Revolution

Steve Case, former co-founder of AOL, has encouraged graduates of the University of North Carolina to create a second Internet revolution.

He urged them to be committed to entrepreneurship as an avenue for maintaining the position of global leadership held by America.

In his address, Case emphasised people, passion and perseverance are the three P’s that are critical to their career and their lives, and that success is significantly determined by the people that an individual works for and with.

Case relayed his own need for passion in facilitating the digital revolution in the early 1990s. He then explained that the ingredient that increased the number of AOL customers from less than 200,000 in 1992 to in excess of 20 million by 2000 was perseverance.

Case is certain that a second Internet revolution is about to begin, and will be a way to improve every way in which society currently operates, including education, government services and even by transforming transportation.

He is of the opinion that this second revolution will produce a greater impact and be even more important than the first, especially in regards to the depressed economy.