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How to move home without breaking the bank

How to move home without breaking the bank

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Congrats, you’ve signed on the dotted line! Whether you’ve just won the keys to your dream rental or bought your life-long pad, moving home is always an exciting time. But it doesn’t come cheap.

Packing boxes, removalist fees and that brand new suite of kitchen appliances (if anyone deserves a new kettle, it’s you) all adds up. To keep your moving costs down and your bank account stable, we recommend the following money hacks:

Choose the right time to move home

Peak moving season is a real thing, just as peak moving day is a real thing too. It goes without saying that you should book your removalist company (if you’re using one) well in advance, but you might also want to consider timing your move so it works best for your bank.

If you’re flexible, avoid moving in the summer months, when demand is higher due to the longer daylight hours. And if you can move on a weekday rather than a weekend, do it. Most companies will offer discounted or special rates for a Monday to Thursday move.

Clutter is cost

Go full Mari Kondo and minimize your life pre-move. The less you have, the less it will cost to ship across town/state/country. No brainer, really. We’re not saying you should shed all your most sentimental possessions, but no one needs five soup ladles, guys. Take some time to trim the fat – maybe even throw a garage sale and make some money back – and reap the cheaper rates.

Do your research

Don’t just go with the first removalist company/van rental/interior designer you find on the internet. Compare prices, check out special rates, ask for quotes and really find a company that works for you and your budget. Just because a company ranks first on Google doesn’t mean it’s cheapest or the best, trust us. Or even better just enlist the help of your friends and family for free!

Find free packing boxes

You can save heaps by knowing where to find free packing boxes. Start by asking friends and family if they’ve got any spares (Great Aunt Denise is a hoarder, for sure), ask local shops and supermarkets (they normally just recycle their cardboard anyway), and begin saving any packing materials that come with your online shopping purchases (we’ve all got an addiction to eBay, it’s okay). And when it comes to moving valuables, like mirrors and artwork, use what you’ve got handy such as towels and bedsheets. This will not only save money but help reduce waste too.

Don’t forget to redirect your mail

Forgetting to pay your car rego bill can be a pricey mistake, so make sure you organise to get your mail redirected to the new address ASAP. Sure, you’ll have to pay a small postage charge but that will cost you a heap less than letting old bills go unpaid.

Now you’ve saved on the cost of moving home, it’s time to bring in some more savings with some simpler home services with Dodo.