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How to make the most out of your midweek wintery nights

How to make the most out of your midweek wintery nights

Just because the clouds have rolled in, the temperature has dropped, and the rains are here doesn’t mean the winter blues have to set in also.

Who says hibernating can’t be productive? If you’re looking to make the most of these long nights, here are a few activity ideas.

Enjoy a Fetch binge session

This is a classic winter itinerary, really. A good Fetch binge session involves many, many snacks, a 12-part TV show with non-stop cliff-hangers, ambient lighting and zero interruptions. The word ‘binge’ always implies guilt, but that needs to change. We are advocating for guilt-free, positive bingeing this winter.

Use an app and learn a language

You know how every year New Years’ Eve rolls around and you make that same resolution to learn Spanish/French/insert-language-here so that you can travel to Mexico/France/insert-country-here? Well, stop waiting for the new year and start tonight. There are so many apps out there (Duolingo, Babbel, Memrise for example) that make new languages easy, if not fun to learn.

Dust off the e-reader

E-readers are a miracle of modern technology, guys. Gone are the days of carrying an epic Shantaram-sized novel in your back pocket. Nowadays you can store hundreds of your favourite novels, self-help books or autobiographies in one handy tablet. So, light a couple of candles, pour yourself a cup of tea (or even a glass of wine) and settle in with a good e-reader.

Take an online yoga class

Whether you’re a certified yogi or new to the downward-facing dog, yoga is for everyone. And when it’s too cold to run outside, why not get those exercise endorphins inside? All you need is a yoga mat and an internet connection. You’ll be stretching your way to savasana in no time.

Host a dinner party

It can be as casual or as grand as you’d like, anything from pita bread Tuesday to fine dining Friday. The aim of the game is to simply hang out with friends, eat well and actually use your oven from time to time. If you want to raise the stakes, why not consider learning how to cook a new dish each time? It’ll be summer again before you know it.