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Home Networks Increasing in Broadband Households

Home Networks Increasing in Broadband Households

TDG data shows that, among US households with broadband, home network diffusion has increased from 81% in 2011 to the current level of 84%. The study also revealed that 62% of users use it for media streaming purposes.

Results indicated that the placement of routers and network-related behaviour is defined more and more by streaming media, rather than activities related to data.

A co-founder of TDG and author of the new research report, Michael Greeson said that over the past few years the trend of home network routers being located in living areas relative to the use of web-enabled video platforms and video services has become more prominent, as TDG predicted it would.

Greeson also noted that in excess of one third of routers are located in living spaces and this is approximately double the number of routers in locations designated for home office functionality.

It is also apparent that the attributes of primary use and network placement are closely related to age. If the router is positioned in the main living space and digital media is streamed through the network, the greater the likelihood of a young head of the household.