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Google Increases Free File Storage Capacity

Google Increases Free File Storage Capacity

Just days in advance of the Google I/O developers’ conference, it was announced that the file storage capacity of Google will increase from 5GB to 15GB through Google+, Drive and Gmail.

In a blog post, Google announced that the changes will take effect across the next fortnight, and that this change will be significantly beneficial for businesses that use Google Apps as their storage will increase from 25GB to 30GB.

With this change, those who use Google services will have access to the most generous storage capacity of all companies providing free online storage.

Dropbox offers 2GB to free subscribers, while 7GB is provided to SkyDrive users. 5GB is offered at no cost to users of Apple iCloud, SugarSync and Amazon Cloud Storage.

Although it is not known how offering extra storage will make Google more money, it is understood that this would be the main drive in Google increasing its free storage for users.

Regardless, the increased storage available makes Gmail, Google+ and Google Drive even more appealing to committed users of Google services.