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Google Embarks on a Platform for Online Gaming

Google Embarks on a Platform for Online Gaming

There is strong sense that the Google I/O conference will focus on games. Although there is no absolute certainty, a gaming presence has been noted on the schedule of sessions and this is being eagerly anticipated.

Android developers at first saw this as an indication of Google wanting more Android games developed. However, it is now believed that Google is working on an online role-playing game (or MMORPG), along the lines of World of Warcraft that can be simultaneously played by multiple players.

There is a range of clues that this is the direction Google is heading in. Sessions at I/O include an Android session titled, ‘Mobile Multiplayer Made Manageable’ and ‘Advanced Game Development Topics’ – a session in which new ways to integrate with Google+ will be explored.

The strongest indication is the session to occur on day three as part of the Google Cloud Platform track called ‘Building Social Gaming Infrastructure on the Google Cloud Platform.’

Although Google has been reluctant to give too much information away, it seems as though it may be quite like Ingress: cross platform, profoundly social and collective and quite likely that Google has aspirations of extending beyond the success already achieved.