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Love Wordle? Here are 6 other free web-based games to get your brain fired up

Love Wordle? Here are 6 other free web-based games to get your brain fired up

If you’re wondering why the heck everyone is suddenly talking about this ‘Wordle’ game, you’re not alone. What began as a grassroots online word game (created by a software engineer named Josh Wardle – we see what you did there, Josh) very quickly became an online phenomenon and then got bought by the New York Times and is now apparently….not as good?

But whether you’re a Wordle aficionado or a rank amateur, the world of free online games doesn’t begin and end with Wordle. Here are a few of our favourites that, to the best of our knowledge, haven’t been bought by the New York Times (yet).

1. Squabble

OK so we’re sticking pretty close to home to start out. The format for Squabble is basically exactly the same as Wordle, but vs. another player. It’s been dubbed a ”Wordle fight to the death” and we are very much here for it. If anything, the world needs less actual violence and more online-word-game-based violence. Could Squabble be the key to world peace? Probably not. But it is certainly the key to you losing several hours of your day.

2. Dordle

We promise we’ll get away from Wordle-adjacent games soon, but for now, consider Dordle: which basically asks you to play two Wordles together. That is, you need to guess two words, instead of one, but you get the same number of attempts. If Wordle is too easy for you, then Dordle might be your guy.

3. Absurdle

Honestly, we’ll move on in a sec. If you find Wordle and Dordle too easy, then Absurdle might be for you. This game actually tries to beat you. For every guess you take, Absurdle will change the target word to keep you on your track. So it’s a word-guessing game, but the word you have to guess keeps on changing. Madness!


Good news! This one is a word game but it has nothing to do with Wordle! is an online drawing guessing game in which a participant picks a word and then draws it (using Microsoft paint-style drawing techniques) for the other participants to guess. It’s like Charades, or Pictionary or something. But you can also chat to your fellow competitors, which is sort-of weird depending on how you feel about that kind fo thing.


A web-based athletics game? Whatever next! In QWOP, you are QWOP – a small nation’s sole representative at the Olympic games. Your job is simple: to use the QW and OP keys on your keyboard to move QWOP’s legs (or more specifically, his thighs and calves) and win the 100 metre race. Easy! Except it’s not. It’s actually really hard. And pretty addictive. Sorry.


When we say Nokia, you say snake! Nokia! (Snake!) Nokia! (Snake!). this isn’t exactly snake, nor does it have anything to do with Nokia, but it’s similar. It involves slithering around and eating little things to get bigger. But instead of running into walls, you need to be worried about running into OTHER BIG SNAKES, which will end your game (and your fun). You have been warned.

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