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Four apps to banish chaos from your family routine

Four apps to banish chaos from your family routine

Heading up a family can be a juggle. You’ve not only got kids to look after but you’ve also got a million other balls in the air – everything from homework and afterschool care to swimming lessons, choir rehearsal, chore rosters, mid-week meals, birthday cakes, school pickups, school drop-offs and doctor appointments.

Life as a parent is undeniably hectic but it shouldn’t be overwhelming. If you need a little help to get your fam moving through life with military-like precision (plus a heap of fun thrown in) then it’s time to make technology work for you.

We’ve tried and tested some of the best organisational apps out there to help you keep your tribe together:

1. For household chores: Busy Kid

Getting little ones to contribute to household chores can be hard, but that’s where Busy Kid steps in with a sense of autonomy and responsibility. You just create a list of age-appropriate weekly chores and allocate a kid (or two) to the task, you can even assign pocket money if you’re feeling generous. When the chore’s done the kids mark it complete on the app and voila! the house is clean. What’s cool is the app also gives kids the choice between “cashing out” or “investing” their dollars, so for older children it can be a great way to introduce them to saving skills.

2. For memory keeping: Momatu

Be honest, how many photos and videos have you taken of your little gang? Too many, right? And how tired are you of forwarding the best ones onto your mum, dad, sister, best mate, and that one really supportive work colleague? Don’t you wish there was a platform that allowed you to easily and efficiently compile those special moments? And don’t you wish that platform was accessible by multiple devices? Luckily Momatu is here for all your video, photo, voice recording, journal entry, memory-keeping needs.

3. For easy co-parenting: Cozi

Okay, this app isn’t specifically designed for those who are co-parenting (any family can use it) but it really does help to coordinate households. Cozi’s super easy to use with a clean, simple interface that lets you set up shared calendars, create to-do lists, store favourite recipes and share photos. It’s also free (winner, winner, bolognese for dinner!). It’s been around for years and it’s still everyone’s organisational go-to for a reason.

4. For coordinating calendars: Google Calendar

All you need for this one is a Google email address, a decent Dodo connection or mobile plan with data and you’re all set to sync with your nearest and dearest. Google Calendar is one of the most used apps in the world and there’s a reason why – it’s free and easy. If you’re overwhelmed by your kids’ routines and need a way of staying on top of your commitments, then this colour-coded calendar is the best kind of event planner. You’re also able to set permissions so it’s really easy to control who sees or edits events. Plus, if you add a location it’ll send you the directions.