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Donuts Chases New Domains

Donuts Chases New Domains

Lucrative new web domains are hot property on the net.

Many big players are seeking domains that relate specifically to their business activities. For example, Amazon is bidding for all web addresses that conclude with “.book”, Google is pursuing “.buy” and Allstate (a US car insurer) is seeking “.carinsurance”.

However, it is an investment group about which little is known that is bidding most aggressively. The efforts of Donuts Inc. to secure 307 new domains (which is more than Amazon, Google and All State combined) for the price of $57 million, have attracted the attention and concern of industry groups and internet watchdogs.

Concern exists in light of evidence that Donuts has a history of service provision to scammers and other internet abusers. Experts warned that increases in web-based misbehaviour could occur if Donuts gains control of many new domains, including: “.doctor” and “.school”.

Donuts claimed it is completely qualified for the responsible running of the new domains. Jonathon Nevett, a lawyer and one of Donuts’ co-founders said that the company and its investors would not have pledged the $57 million if they did not believe they were up to the task.