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Aereo Offers Simplified Pricing for Internet TV

Aereo Offers Simplified Pricing for Internet TV

Aereo, a broadcast television internet streaming start-up company, is not yet free from controversy, but did reduce the complexity of its pricing structure earlier this month.

No longer does the company offer five tiers of service.

Instead, only two tiers remain, and users can choose between a subscription of $8 per month or $12 per month depending on the services that they require.

Chet Kanojia, CEO of Aereo, explained that these changes were implemented because of the confusion that the old system was causing customers.

He expressed hope that the new pricing structure would be more user-friendly, and would allow members to easily upgrade and downgrade their subscription as they became more familiar with their options.

However, it has been noted that dual-channel DVR capability, currently offered to some subscribers, has been omitted from its recent press release.

It is suspected that this may indicate a marked change to current offerings.

When asked for clarification, Aereo did not provide a definite answer, and some have taken the indirection of the company to suggest that simultaneous channel recording will possibly be discontinued.