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6 movies that a great value Dodo mobile plan would’ve totally ruined

6 movies that a great value Dodo mobile plan would’ve totally ruined

Would Kevin have really been ‘Home Alone’ if his mum had a great value Dodo mobile plan? Would Tom Hanks have been quite so ‘Castaway’ if he’d just had some mobile coverage? We investigate six of cinema’s most popular films and completely ruin them with great value mobile coverage. Sorry not sorry.

Warning: contains spoilers.

1. Home Alone

Holidays can be stressful, especially when there are kids involved. All that last-minute packing and getting to the airport and mucking around with security checks and boarding and getting comfortable in your seat… But Kevin’s parents managed to forget him completely. The mind boggles. If Kevin’s mum had a mobile, she could have called him, apologised for being a bad parent, booked him an Uber to the airport, and they would have enjoyed their Christmas break in Paris like every other well-to-do family. But then we would have missed out on the most epic burglar-deterring booby traps in the history of cinema.

2. Titanic

A good mobile plan would have saved a few things on Titanic – namely, every single passenger on board that ship. The captain could have called for help as soon as they struck that enormous iceberg. The band could have connected their Spotify to the ship’s Sonos system and got themselves into a lifeboat rather than staying to play on. And Rose could’ve pulled Jack up onto the door (because there was definitely room for two up there) and texted their coordinates to the coastguard to be rescued.

3. Castaway

Imagine if, rather than a box of VHS tapes and a port-a-loo door washing up on the shores of Tom Hanks’ deserted island, it was a box of smartphones and a solar-powered charger? With Dodo’s excellent mobile coverage, Tom could have called the Fedex depot, let them know where he was, picked up a few more packages littering the beach for delivery, and been on his way before all that drama with poor Wilson started.

4. The Shining

Is there a scarier sound than that of a typewriter being bashed repeatedly in the cavernous lobby of an empty hotel? Actually, there is. And that’s the sound of an axe chopping through a door as Jack Nicholson screeches ‘Here’s Johnny’ to a wide-eyed – and terrified – Shelley Duvall. Just think of how different The Shining would have been if Jack had A) a good internet connection so he could email his mates in the city to let them know he was having a hard time B) a laptop to quietly type ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKES JACK A DULL BOY on, and C) Instagram, because imagine the likes you’d get with a shot of those creepy ghost twins in the hallway? He would’ve been a #viralsensation in no time.

5. ET

With the right mobile plan, ET could have actually PHONED HOME. The end.

6. Lord of the Rings

The hero’s journey is a common trope in many of our favourite films, and Lord of the Rings is no exception. Our protagonist, an unlikely hero in Frodo, is forced into the world on a quest to save Middle Earth. Along the way, he’s met with hurdles a-plenty, like fighting enemies, navigating over-the-top obstacles, and, ultimately, destroying that dang ring. So imagine how much simpler his quest would have been if he’d had a great data allowance that let him key Mt Doom into the map app on his phone, and just taken the most direct route?

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