Dodo AL720 Firmware Upgrade

Dodo AL720 Firmware Upgrade

This upgrade will only work if you are using a lower version of Windows such as Windows 7, Vista or XP. If you only have Windows 8 installed on your computer you will need to install the drivers directly from here AL720 Dodo dashboard.

Once the software is installed you will be able to connect to the internet, you can then perform the firmware upgrade to update your modem with the latest firmware.

With the latest firmware installed on the modem this means that if you uninstall the modem and reinstall on the same computer or another Windows 8 computer you will no longer be required to install the drivers first.

Download the file

Download the Dodo Dashboard Upgrader installer from the following links below.

How to Identify the PTS number of the modem?

Please see below image which shows where the PTS number is located on your modem.


How to Update the Firmware

Once the file has completed downloading please run the dododashboardupgrader.exe


Please note: The modem must be connected to the computer and the original software already installed before proceeding to the next step.

Once the Dodo Dashboard Upgrade tool is open a welcome screen will appear as below, please click next to continue.



Please click the Start button to begin the upgrade. Please ensure that your modem is not disconnected during this process.



You should now see a screen displaying a confirmation that the upgrade has completed successfully as below. Please click the Exit button to close the update tool.




Finally you will need to uninstall and reinstall your AL720 modem software; once this is complete you should then be able to connect to your Dodo Mobile Wireless Broadband service.

If you experience any issues please contact our Technical Support team on 13 dodo (13 3636).