Email Setup Guide

Windows Live Mail Email Setup Guide

  1. Click on "Start" and click on "All Programs".

  2. Click on "Windows Live Mail".

    Livemail _pic1

  3. This will open up the Mail Program.

    Livemail _pic2

  4. Click on "Accounts" and then Click on "Email".

    Livemail _pic3

  5. Please enter the following settings and click"next".

    • Email address: If your username is johnsmith then your Dodo email address will be:
    • Password: This is your account password.
    • Display name: This is the name that gets displayed at the recipients end.
    • Select the option manually configure server settings

    Livemail _pic4

  6. You will now need to enter details for your server settings. Please enter the following settings and click "next" to continue.

    Incoming server information:

    • Server Type: POP
    • Server address: Port: 110
    • Requires a secure connection: unticked
    • Authenticate using: Clear text

    Livemail _pic5

  7. Click "finish" to complete the setup.

    Livemail _pic6

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