Configuring Your Dodo Mailbox

The service is activated and configured via the Manage Accounts section on the Dodo home page.

  • To log in to manage accounts use your primary user name and password, you will then see the following screen:
  • Once logged in, on the left hand side click on the Email Addresses button and this will take you to the Email Settings.



The main screen will provide an overview of settings for your mail accounts.
  • Settings:Allows you to change the settings for that particular mail box
  • Delete: Allows you to delete a selected mailbox
  • Add Mail Box: Allows you to add another mail box to your account 
  • Personal Webspace: Shows whether you're Webspace is Enabled/Disabled

Note: The mail box in red is your primary mail box and cannot be deleted.  Both Spam and virus detection can be set to either 'Tag' or 'Delete'


Individual Mailboxes Settings

To modify individual mail box settings simply click the Settings link and you will be brought to the E-mail Addresses - E-mail Settings page.


Mail Box: Displays the username of mail box you clicked on.
Change Mail Box Password: Used to change your mail box password
Confirm New Mail Box Password: Enter the same password as above 
Forward Mail Box To: Allows you to forward emails to another address e.g. a hotmail address. 
Activate Spam Detection: Allows you to turn Spam Detection On/Off
Activate Virus Scan: Allows you to turn Virus Detection On/Off
Spam Level: High/Medium/Low

Both Spam and virus detection can be set to either 'Tag' or 'Delete'

Tag: Allows the email to come into your inbox but will have [?SPAM] or [?VIRUS] in the subject.

Delete: Will prevent any email deemed as SPAM or VIRUS from coming into your mailbox.


Black and White List 

Dodo offers a filtering service for your email to prevent specific people or email addresses from sending you Spam.

White List:
You will always receive emails from these email addresses regardless of what other rules you may have set.

Black List:
You will never receive emails from these email address regardless of what rules you may have set.